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Upcycled Clothing Where Rebel Soul Meets Rockstar Cowgirl

“Blame the Brand on a Vintage Lovin' Soul!” — Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Upcycled fashion company Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones expands its presence in Music City with a location at The Showroom Nashville. Designer Rae Finn and her team of stylists help customers blend that perfect retro upcycled thread. Every piece is western-inspired and just right for a honky-tonk night, whether you're dressing up in Music City or going for a casual vintage look.

The Showroom Nashville is a unique women’s boutique making high fashion attainable by offering one-of-a-kind designer pieces. Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones is now available at The Showroom Nashville to purchase or rent. No appointment is necessary, but you can schedule with one of their personal stylists to help you choose the perfect fit here.

As a Boston-based fashion brand making waves in Nashville, Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones defines the art of revamping, deconstructing, and bedazzling clothing. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is sure to make a true fashion statement. In Nashville, a city known for its music and style, Hogwash 'n Rhinestones produces the perfect wardrobe for music festival goers, bachelorette parties, and everything in between.

As the company was founded in 2011, Rae’s creative vision emerged as she embarked on celebrating uniqueness and blending vintage aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Rae says, "Musicians tell a story with their songs; Hogwash tells a story with each unique upcycled design and thread, giving the brand a Nashville western-inspired flair."

As a forward-thinking fashion brand, each piece is handcrafted and deconstructed to salvage discarded treasures. Rae adds, “As I developed a keen eye for sustainable fashion, I began adding vintage threads, scraps, rhinestones, embellishments, and rebel soul to create a line of everyone’s own Hogwash story. Everyone needs a little Hogwash!”

Saddle up and come visit the showroom to dress the part in Nashville and shop upcycled rockstar clothing, jewelry and accessories, graphic t-shirts, and hats. Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones is that innovative fashion brand pushing sustainable fashion boundaries with one-off handmade pieces to suit your style.

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About Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones

Blame the Brand on a Vintage Lovin' Soul

Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones is a Boston-based company that emerged from the creative vision of founder Rae Finn in 2011. With a deep appreciation for vintage clothing and a determination to salvage discarded treasures, Rae embarked on a transformative journey that would redefine sustainable fashion. Digging for curbside gold with her dad in Holliston, Massachusetts, Rae developed a keen eye for hidden potential in discarded items. She discovered that nothing should go to waste, and her passion for upcycling was ignited.

Rae embarked on countless thrifting adventures to find unparalleled pieces that celebrated uniqueness. Whether you’re a rockstar or just want to look like one, Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones defines the art of revamping, deconstructing, and bedazzling clothing. Rae breathes new life into old pieces, transforming them into one-of-a-kind fashion statements that combine vintage charm with contemporary flair. This fusion of styles became the cornerstone of Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones' sustainable clothing line.

Today, Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones has become an upcycled clothing line where a rebel soul meets rockstar cowgirl. The brand is a true testament to the transformative power of creativity and conscious consumerism. Each piece of clothing produced by Rae tells its own story, blending vintage aesthetics with modern sensibilities. By repurposing materials that would otherwise go to waste, the brand champions sustainability while offering fashion-forward pieces, one stitch at a time.

About Dead Horse Branding

Dead Horse Branding is an award-winning public relations, management and branding agency with headquarters in both Nashville, TN, and Sydney, Australia. Dead Horse Branding creates, designs, and refines each component of a brand, ensuring that the brand will always hit the right chord on every level. Dead Horse Branding’s business model is a cutting-edge management and branding service all-in-house that spans multiple industries, including music, fashion, design, business, culinary, entertainment, fitness, and more. There are 7 primary formulas to branding and Dead Horse does them all under one roof, making them a very competitive branding agency.

Branding is an identity developed through our DH7 branding formula, which includes: strategic planning, logo and image design, photography and visual assets, website design, marketing and social media, publicity, licensing, and distribution. Dead Horse Branding’s brand-building technique has been implemented into the education system in the USA and Australia. Rick Caballo and Melissa Core-Caballo were instrumental in helping to lead Kennesaw State University's Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business program (MEBUS) as one of top curriculums ranked by Billboard Magazine 2022.

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Vintage hand-made fashion brand Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones makes presence in Music City!

Upcycled clothing where rebel soul meets a rockstar cowgirl. Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones is now at The Showroom Nashville.

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