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Years of honing our business model with our clients have led us to develop the DH7 branding module for a global education system. 


Dead Horse Branding’s brand-building technique is now being implemented in the education system in the USA and Australia. We have partnered with the Joel Katz Music Business Program at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, GA, and ITech Wollongong (presented by Education Connection). 


Dead Horse Branding is also in collaboration with Education Connection, a transformative pathway connecting students to industry professionals. 


This program is an industry injection into the education system that spans across multiple industries, including music, fashion, design, business, culinary, building, entertainment, fitness, and more. This formula is setting students up for ultimate success before graduation.


“Know what you need to know NOW, not later."

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The Kennesaw State University, Joel A. Katz Music & Entertainment Business Program (MEBUS) strives to provide students with cutting edge entertainment business skills by working directly with industry professionals and getting real-world industry experience. Our students gained invaluable up-to-the-minute industry perspectives by working directly with the team of Dead Horse Branding executives and real-world artists. To judge the students final presentations, Dead Horse curated an impressive panel of industry veterans.


If I had a choice to hire these students with all of these 7 modules under their belt when I was VP at MCA Nashville (a division of UMG) I would have hired them over my current executives"- (Speaking of Dead Horse Branding DH7 Education Module)

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