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Australia's Gypsy Artist Colin Lillie Releases Side B Track “The Ballad of Evey”

“In the vast, sun-soaked expanse of the Australian central desert, singer-songwriter Colin Lillie emerges as a musical luminary, weaving together a tapestry of soulful storytelling and diverse influences in his latest single, "Grandfather's Country." Lillie, a gypsy Scotsman, has found a new home in Alice Springs, and through his music, he takes listeners on a captivating journey that transcends borders and genres.” — We Write About Music 

“Colin Lillie has been gifted an incredible voice. It’s a voice that has seen him win countless accolades, including nominations for the National Live Music Awards’ ‘Live Voice Of The Year’.” — Scenestr

SYDNEY, Aus. — Australia's acclaimed Americana and soul singer-songwriter, Colin Lillie, releases the A-side single “Honky Tonk Southern Sky.” Colin pays homage to the storied legacy of honky-tonk music and its legendary icons, crafting a timeless tribute that speaks to the enduring spirit of perseverance and inner strength, resonating deeply across generations. This track encapsulates a blend of resilience and transformation, serving as a profound source of inspiration. 

Colin says, “With the musicality and engineering talents of Bradly Bergen, we were able to shape something that helped me explore a memory from my childhood and how, when returning home from church every Sunday, I would always hear the likes of Buck Owens just doing what he did naturally and how Hank Williams always showed us the light. Then finally, there was Loretta Lynn and how she could bring the coldest and meanest of hearts to their knees, reminding them that there are two mules for this wagon.”

“Honky Tonk Southern Sky” was produced by Catherine Britt and co-written with Lachlan Bryan. The gypsy Scotsman embraces the “Honky Tonk Southern Sky” as a source identity, symbolizing a turning point where he found solace in the music and culture of honky-tonk, despite the struggles.

Colin adds, “On ‘Honky Tonk Southern Sky’ I was lucky to have collaborated with Golden Guitar winners Wicker Suit and Liam Kennedy-Clark on piano and Gabi Louise on fiddle; alongside the expertise of multi-award winner Shane Nicholson handling the mix and Jeff McCormack mastering the track, the song truly came to life.”

In addition to the A-side, Colin presents the heartfelt B-side, “The Ballad of Evey.” Recorded in a moment of raw emotion, this track features captivating vocals and a country gospel sound reminiscent of Jim Reeves, encompassing the essence of love, loss, and the enduring power of memory. Drawing inspiration from moments spent with his mother as a child, listening to old vinyl records recorded from the Ryman Theater, or, as they say in Nashville, the Mother Church, “The Ballad of Evey” is a testament to the depth of human experience.

Colin says, “The song was a result of a phone call during a recording session in the studio, where I was told that a dear friend had passed after taking her own life and a long battle with fibromyalgia and mental health issues. I was so deviated that I sat in the corner of the studio and wrote and it was recorded within two hours at Wild Mountain Studios in Brisbane with enigmatic producer Jamie Trevaskis (The Wilson Pickers). I'm so happy that I have found a way of releasing this song because it was written to be heard.”

With a driven passion that comes from his transformative journey, Colin reaffirms his position as a true storytelling musician, leaving a mark on the landscape of Americana and soul music. His recent feature in Country Music Capital News, where he candidly discussed his family, life, music, and songwriting, further underscores his profound impact on the industry.

For more information and to connect with Colin Lillie, follow him on Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify.

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