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The Medium Interviews Joeyglo As He Releases "Lovely Lady"

Multi-Talented Musician Joeyglo Releases “Lovely Lady”

Sacramento, CA native. Can you share a childhood memory that includes music with your family?

I was in 8th grade and three of my older siblings were in the high school band. This was the first year that our school offered band classes for middle schoolers, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity. It was the night of our recital, and everyone’s families were in the audience. The high school band played first. Then it was our turn. The middle schoolers.

I was on drums, so I counted it off. It was an upbeat tune, and everything was going pretty well. I was nervous about a big drum fill towards the end of the song, but I nailed it! The entire high school band stood up shouting and cheering for me. Even though I was already playing drums at our youth group, that was the first time I felt the energy of a crowd like that, so I knew I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Professional drummer, 21 years, including for the band NAWAS. Played international festival circuits as a touring musician. Favorite venues you’ve played to date and what stands out about them?

The first couple that come to mind are Hangout Fest and (as far as festivals). I just loved the entire set up of the venue. The beach was blocked off to everyone except workers and artists, so it was like having a private beach to yourself with beautiful scenery.

The Roxy Theater in West Hollywood was really awesome as well, if we’re talking more about nightclub vibes. So many musical legends and icons have performed there. It was so much history, it was just an honor to be there at all, let alone perform on that stage.

Learned audio engineering at The Blackbird Academy. Write, record, and produce from an at-home studio in Nashville. Combining modern recording techniques, creating new and interesting sonic colors and textures, with a classic flair and approach to songwriting. How do you make this unique to yourself?

I believe that comes down to my life experiences. No one will ever have lived the same life as me. Have had similar conversations or experiences, though there may be some similarities. Perhaps they share musical influences. However, musical influences are only a portion of the creative process. Past experiences far exceed the creative canvas in coloring.

An accomplishment you are most proud of is _____?

Somehow, I convinced my wife to say “YES” ;)

“The song is about the first moment the protagonist meets a woman and just has to know every little detail about who she is and wants to spend every waking moment with this special human.” A Self-Produced Musical Journey Into Outer Space, “Lovely Lady,” is about the importance of making women feel validated, worthy, and enough — just the way they are. What is the backstory to this new single?

I think if you want to get to know someone, you have to be willing to be vulnerable enough to show them you want to learn about who they are. We often think about asking someone where they are from or what they do as simple questions, but they can be quite vulnerable. It’s all the little things you can learn about someone if they show you or tell you about them. “I used to have family cookouts down by the river every summer,” or “I used to eat at this same restaurant every day,” etc. So naturally, the first line I wrote was, “Where are you from? “Can we go there, I just want to know you some.” The song wrote itself after that.

Looking ahead, one of your main professional goals is _____?

To leave people feeling good and positive.

Where do you like to explore in Music City with your studio dog, Mowgli?

Well, he’s a handful, so we always take lots of treats. He’s a frequent visitor at Rosie’s Twin Kegs in Berry Hill, and he’s the only dog allowed into Cerveza Jack’s Nashville.

For more information and to connect with Joeyglo follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.



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