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Sydney's Alana Kaye Putting Australian Kindness on the Global Map

Sydney, Australia (September 2021) — Born and raised Cronulla native Alana Kaye leads For You Haiti, a local non-profit tackling poverty issues in Haiti. As one of the very few non-profits working on Haiti’s La Gonâve island, For You Haiti takes on challenges sometimes considered just too risky. Since the island of La Gonâve can only be reached by boat, the region is virtually untouched by foreign aid. Programs provided by For You Haiti are crucial in addressing the inherent issues faced by local children living in extreme poverty: hunger, education, medical care, and family support.

“The For You Haiti team go to such great lengths to make the impossible possible every day for our patients. I guess ‘no’ has never been an option for us!” - Alana Kaye, For You Haiti Founder

“From the very first moment I met Alana, I knew she was someone special that would go on to do great things in this world. She has the ability to fill people's hearts with love & joy from her abundance of pure kindness & gleaming spirit. She is truly a precious soul that will forever be our ray of sunshine!” said Rachel Carroll, former Marketing Manager at RedBull Energy and owner of Blush Pink Films.

Alana Kaye was moved to create For You Haiti after meeting numerous patients and their families in La Gonâve, Haiti in 2015, who needed life-changing surgeries to survive. Alana committed herself to helping these families both in Haiti and overseas.

During her first trip to this region, Alana quickly learned that 95% of patients are in homes with dirt floors, and lack basic necessities such as clean water to drink and bathe, and a bed. With the help of many amazing surgeons, health care workers, and extremely generous donors, For You Haiti has been able to serve over 2500 patients and provide over 500 crucial surgeries to date.

One of these children in need was a baby named Po born with a severe heart defect. For You Haiti immediately took action and contacted Haiti Cardiac Alliance along with Chain of Hope in London. The team worked around the clock to schedule Po’s surgeries at the Children’s Hospital in Barcelona, Spain with the world’s top neonatal cardiologist. But the care didn’t stop there. When the time came for Po to undergo his surgeries, Alana took the trip with him and his family to ensure they were all comfortable during his four open heart surgeries and recovery. “His precious life was saved during these months! And is now a healthy toddler in our school in Haiti!” says Alana Kaye as she reflects upon her relationship with the family.

For You Haiti also has a school in Anse a Galets that has 425 students ages 3 to 11-years-old. Educational programs are crucial to the future of the island, as the ability to read and write brings power and independence to the local people. The organisation also has a nursing school, English school and an IT class for parents to learn skills at night.

This life-changing organisation relies solely upon the generosity of its donors. For You Haiti’s Sponsor A Child program is $100 per month and goes directly towards supporting families with special needs children in la Gonave that have little to no annual income. This includes items such as wheelchairs, food, diapers, clean water, milk, bedding, and medical assistance on a monthly basis.

Those who are interested in making a difference in the lives of children and families in La Gonâve, charitable donations to the Sponsor A Child program can be made here: and donations for the medical sponsorship program can be made here:

Watch the impact you have made and help spread the mission, you can find For You Haiti online at or @foryouhaiti on Instagram and Facebook.

Media Contact: Becky Parsons | 336.337.6604


About For You Haiti

Established in 2016, For You Haiti is a not-for-profit relief organisation developed to serve, love and support the people of Haiti, in particular, the forgotten island of la Gonâve. La Gonâve is a small island off the west coast of Haiti - one of the poorest nations on Earth. After the devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 struck Haiti, killing more than 160,000 and displacing close to 1.5 million people, the country has struggled to prosper. While many governments and organisations worldwide have provided Haiti with much needed support, the island of la Gonâve has largely been forgotten.

Although our main focus is the children, we strive to provide medical, educational and family assistance to anyone in need. For You Haiti is led by founder Alana Kaye and President Samuel Michel, and the organization relies solely upon the generosity of your donations. Each of our programs addresses the inherent issues facing children living in extreme poverty in La Gonâve Haiti: hunger, education, medical care, and family support.

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@foryouhaiti provides life-saving surgeries for children in La Gonâve, Haiti. Take a moment to change a life and donate today!

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For You Haiti’s Founder Alana Kaye alongside baby Po and his parents


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