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Nashville-based Southern Rock band Stone Senate signs an exclusive booking representation with Michael Alan and MRL Music Group for live performance and concert appearances throughout the United States.

The highly acclaimed five-piece band captures the true essence of southern rock and combines elements of a country flare. Having been together since 2012, the band has played over 600 shows across the United States and looks to expand globally this year.

Stone Senate signs with Michael Alan and MRL Music Group

Michael says, “MRL Music Group added Stone Senate because it was the perfect match. One, we like the music they’re making, but we also love Clint and the band. They are easy to work with. As a buyer, we have had them play at our venues, and when we do, they not only put on a great show but they are friendly to all the staff, fans, and customers. They are easy to work with and are willing to play just about anywhere. That being said, I think MRL music groups can scale stone senate and have them playing not only across the nation but around the world.

Lead singer of Stone Senate, Clint Woolsey, says, “Stone Senate has toured constantly for several years, close to playing 600 shows in the United States. As this band is ready to take the next step toward more shows, new towns and cities, new venues, and new relationships, Stone Senate could not be more excited to work with Mike Alan and MRL Music Group. We have been great friends and have worked with Mike (MRL Music Group) on several shows over the last few years, and it feels great to be working with this up and coming company full-time.”

In October of 2021, Stone Senate released the first EP series, called Dusk, which is part of a greater vision that demonstrates their reflective approach to foreseeing both the dark and the light. The second EP, Dawn, released in October 2022, included six songs and soared to new heights. The two-part series is to collaborate on a 13-song album, Between the Dark and the Light, set for release in 2023.



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