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EP will be available on streaming platforms worldwide on September 18th

NASHVILLE, TN (September 1, 2020) - Canadian transplant singer/songwriter Megan Nadin announces the release of her highly anticipated debut EP “This Was Then,” and accompanying lead single “Joker,” available on all digital platforms September 18th. Produced by Keith Thomas (Amy Grant, Selena, Whitney Houston), “This Was Then” showcases Nadin’s unique vocals as her smokey voice attests to a wisdom beyond her years. “Joker” was inspired by the 2019 Oscar winning film of the same name. Nadin was moved by the film’s unmasking of societal issues such as mental health, bullying, and how people treat one another.

“‘This Was Then' is an EP made up of 7 songs that have come from my experiences with fear, self-doubt, love, deception, hope and heartbreak. I decided to release these 7 songs together as opposed to individually because I believe they belong together. Almost like they’re different chapters from the same book. My wish is that when people listen to these songs, they hear the stories behind the music and feel connected to them. Ultimately, I just want this music to make people feel something” Nadin says of her latest body of work.

Producer Keith Thomas is just as proud of the hard work Nadin has put into the EP saying “Megan Nadin is a breath of fresh air; filling a hole in the heart of pop music.”

“This Was Then” is a cohesive mix of emotional ballads, such as the beautifully haunting “Joker,” and upbeat songs that showcase Nadin’s brassy, confident sound. In addition to the lead single, the 7 song EP includes the tracks “Electric,” “Beautiful Things,” “Heart of a Lion,” “Watermarks,” “Never Gonna Be the Same,” and “Stay.”

Nadin began her musical journey in 2017 after being inspired by a 2013 trip to Cambodia where she was teaching English to children. She aims to spread love, light and truth through her music. You can learn more about Megan Nadin by visiting her website:



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