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Ross Flora’s song “Cannonball” is RT66’s ‘Song Of The Day’ for 06-21-22

Ross Flora is a producer, performer, and songwriter based in Nashville, TN. He is a seasoned, innovative singer and soulful vocalist and his sound resonates with the golden age of rock and roll and connects with a Southern flare. Ross has a diverse variety of musical influences such as R&B, bluegrass, and rock; all of which shine through in his latest release “Cannonball.” In this latest single, Ross emulates Southern Rock through his guitar riffs and is steeped in soul and blues throughout every inch of his style. Ross states he has a passion to truly connect with the audience and move them from one state of mind to another as a journey.

“Oh I’ve been down this road before

Seen my curtain call

I’ve played my hand like any man

not afraid to lose it all

You better get your house and daughter

Pride comes before the fall

You can try to stand your ground

but I’m coming off of this mountain

Like a cannonball”

Just as “Cannonball” tells a story of living fast, it makes no hesitation in captivating the listener instantaneously from the very moment the introduction begins. Opening with a bold electric guitar and soon thereafter bringing in hard drums and a head bangin’ beat, “Cannonball” is perfect for both country and rock fans alike. Ross effortlessly combines narrative storytelling along with idiomatic language and other figures of speech; bringing many layers of depth to his lyrics. Ross’s vocals also perfectly align with the rock sound of his instruments and give him an edge that is not always seen in the country genre; but is one that we definitely need more of. Ross is bringing a fresh take on the combination of both country and rock music with his sound and we are here for it. Whether you want to vibe at a honky tonk downtown or have the energy of Warped Tour, “Cannonball” is satisfactory to both and is a song you don’t want to miss!

Song Credits:

Ross Flora

To listen to “Cannonball” click Here

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