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Pick Simply Songwriter Spotlight: Cash Crawford

"I've always been an artist since I was little, started writing when I was 7, I had to go back to Canada and take time off from music. I had to figure out the value my music had when I came back. We've all gone through this together and I wanted to offer my experience and healing for people," Cash Crawford

Rising Star, Female Vocalist of the Year, and best singer-songwriter of the year in Toronto, Cash Crawford, is a Canadian citizen and Nashville-based singer-songwriter. Cash Crawford brings a unique perspective to anyone who listens to her music. She is a full-time musician, singing five days a week on Broadway and playing for everyone who happens to come through town. While she plays on Broadway, she is now getting back into playing songwriter rounds as well to sharpen her skills and writing. Going to rounds in Nashville is a great way to connect with other songwriters and skilled musicians to grow with. "I've always aspired to pay my bills and live my life with my voice and music. It gives me the ability to constantly put the love into what I do. Music has affected my life by giving me wealthy relationships and things have aligned for me." You can tell that Cash puts her heart into her music and her relationships with people. The music industry is one of the most challenging industries to become a part of. Building wealthy relationships are crucial to success in this town. Crawford tried being a bartender and working part-time jobs but her music and inspiration were dwindling. Music is in her bones and she has to share her stories with people. She is a lyricist first and foremost. Crawford just released her latest single, "Save Myself." It can be considered to fall under the umbrella of country music with some pop and soul elements. The song came to life with the lyrics and then Cash brought the idea to her producer. What is interesting about her process is that Cash considers herself also to be a poet. Poetry and music were born to go together. Her poetry can be brought to writing sessions and her producer works with her to create her art. "Save Myself," was broken down by her team and she was given an open and inspiring environment to get the song to where it is today. Cash has been hoping that this year she can start getting into some festivals, tours and becoming an opening act for other musicians and artists. In this industry, Crawford tells us that anything can take a quick turn. You never know what can happen and that's why she's still passionate about the music industry. This industry keeps you wanting to pursue it more and more every day.



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