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New Music Weekly Features Stone Senate Signing With MRL Music Group

Stone Senate Signs With MRL Music Group For Booking Representation

Nashville-based Southern Rock band Stone Senate signs an exclusive booking representation with Michael Alan and MRL Music Group for live performance and concert appearances throughout the United States. The highly acclaimed five-piece band captures the true essence of southern rock and combines elements of a country flare. Having been together since 2012, the band has played over 600 shows across the United States and looks to expand globally this year.

Michael says, “MRL Music Group added Stone Senate because it was the perfect match. One, we like the music they’re making, but we also love Clint and the band. They are easy to work with. As a buyer, we have had them play at our venues, and when we do, they not only put on a great show but they are friendly to all the staff, fans, and customers. They are easy to work with and are willing to play just about anywhere. That being said, I think MRL music groups can scale stone senate and have them playing not only across the nation but around the world.

Lead singer of Stone Senate, Clint Woolsey, says, “Stone Senate has toured constantly for several years, close to playing 600 shows in the United States. As this band is ready to take the next step toward more shows, new towns and cities, new venues, and new relationships, Stone Senate could not be more excited to work with Mike Alan and MRL Music Group. We have been great friends and have worked with Mike (MRL Music Group) on several shows over the last few years, and it feels great to be working with this up and coming company full-time.”

In October of 2021, Stone Senate released the first EP series, called Dusk, which is part of a greater vision that demonstrates their reflective approach to foreseeing both the dark and the light. The second EP, Dawn,released in October 2022, included six songs and soared to new heights. The two-part series is to collaborate on a 13-song album, Between the Dark and the Light, set for release in 2023.

MRL Music Group provides professional artist management and booking throughout Nashville to help singer-songwriters and bands plan tours. With a footprint mainly in the country music scene, this is MRL Music Group’s first southern rock band, which gives artists the steps to make milestones throughout their careers. “Mike Alan wants to work as hard as this band does, and we see wonderful things for the future with this partnership. We thank Mike and MRL for having Stone Senate on their growing talent roster,” adds Clint.

Stone Senate continues to captivate audiences around the U.S. with their top-tier guitar players and their delivery of rock-infused vocals. After steadily building a solid following through year-round touring and strong streaming numbers on numerous playlists, including Apple Music’s “New in Country” and “Country Roads,” Stone Senate looks to continue to fill venues in the U.S. and internationally. Known for their songwriting chops and exceptional musicianship, the powerhouse band encompasses true artistry. Clint says, “See you at the Southern Soul Rock ‘N’ Roll show in 2023.”

Boasting a diverse roster, MRL Music Group helps shape artist careers by planning projects, orchestrating record releases and tours, creating marketing and merchandise strategies, establishing and pursuing long-term career goals, working with branding partnerships, and so much more.

To connect with Stone Senate, please visit: Website | Spotify | Instagram | Facebook About Stone Senate Stone Senate has been called “a heavier version of Lynyrd Skynyrd, crossed with The Allman Brothers Band.” While being mentioned in such a heady company is flattering, it is important to note the Stone Senate is most definitely not a retro act. They are taking what came naturally from their collective influences a step further and making a name for themselves in the world of modern country rock. With over 600 shows in the US over the last few years, their touring prowess has garnered them a solid fan base of country rock n roll lovers.

Stone Senate has toured with Bulletboys, Uli Jon Roth, Davisson Brothers Band, and Tantric, and direct support for bands such as Styx, Collective Soul, Jackyl, Cowboy Mouth, Saliva, Little Texas, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Quiet Riot, Asleep at the Wheel, Lit, Alien Ant Farm, Tom Kiefer Band, Billy Gibbons and the BFG’s, Tim Montana, Uncle Kracker, Rehab, David Alan Coe, Whitford – St Holmes, David Lee Murphy, Davisson Brothers Band, Andy Ross, Mike Zito, John Micheal Montgomery, Eddie Montgomery, and Confederate Railroad, to name a few. The band is fronted by vocalist/ guitarist Clint Woolsey’s smoldering, soulful vocals and unmistakable stage presence. Meanwhile stage left and stage right are burning down with dual lead guitars/vocals of James Beau Edwards and Brother Ted Hennington. Add to that the bonded rhythm section of Kieran Cronley on bass and David “DZ” Zettler on drums/vocals, and you have caught lightning in a bottle.

About MRL Music Group We provide professional artist management, in which we can help shape your career! We help you to plan projects, orchestrate record releases and tours, create marketing and merchandise strategies, establish and pursue long term career goals, work with branding partnerships and so much more!

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