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Nashville's Pick Simply Interviews Singer-Songwriter Erin Duvall

Songwriter Spotlight: Erin Duvall

This week, we're talking about Erin Duvall: a mother and a singer-songwriter. She's balancing her career, her dreams, and her family life. Chasing the dream in the music industry is chaotic enough, but Erin Duvall shows strength and a continuous passion. Her latest release, "Walking Country Song," is her anthem. It tells a story of how to turn pain into beauty when life rocks you to your core. There are challenges we face, and what we do with them defines who we are. Erin told us that her life is a walking country song and that this single pays tribute to country music. Before pursuing music, Erin Duvall was in the freelance field, working in New York and LA. She told us that music had been her dream for a long time, and she felt drawn to the industry. She gains influence from legends like Dolly Parton and Shania Twain. Furthermore, Erin grew up in musical theater and has a respect for directors and composers like Lin Manuel.

"Walking Country Song" has elements of country with soulful undertones. Erin Duvall is an influential songwriter and vocalist. She understands the time and effort it takes to make it in the industry, and what makes her different is her attitude to always giving back and helping others. There's no gatekeeping with Erin Duvall. She integrates other styles into her music and gives it a new flare.

Duvall is also involved in a lot of charity work and always looks to pay it forward. Erin started a foundation called "Twice the Love," which focuses on single parenthood and how to help people get back on their feet financially and emotionally. On November 2 in Dallas, Texas, Erin will be hosting the event Twice the Love benefitting the Genesis Women’s Shelter. Texas is very charity-focused, and Duvall thought it would be best to host the event there. "When asked about the journey of my life and where it has taken me, I was told that I sounded like a Walking Country Song. That’s exactly right, I’m a country song… made up of strength, doubt, tears, love, pure grit, and determination. Always one foot firmly on the ground while the other is constantly in motion,” says Erin Duvall. Follow Up with Erin Duvall-- Walking Country Song --



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