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Listen to "High", the DOPE New Single From Nashville's Rising Pop-RnB Singer Elise Stein

Being consumed by an effortless love is every romantic's dream. In her new single “High”, 23-year-old R&B singer Elise Stein sings of the moment when nothing else matters but the way you feel about the one you love. Be careful though, this song is so striking that you may fall for whomever happens to be nearby. From the breath-taking single cover aesthetics to the classic silky vocals, Elise stands out to every eye and ear.

The song starts out by entrancing the listener in ambient vocal harmonies wrapped in a classic R&B beat. She keeps the song relaxed, proving she knows her love is anything but complicated. With “High”, Elise brings fresh ears to the traditional aspects of the genre alongside the talent and musical ability of Beyoncé, H.E.R., and Ella Mai.

This R&B hit was written by Elise, Ryan Rasmussen, Henry Greer, and Kelle Cates. Rasmussen is entering the next level of the production scene with this sexy single. The team created lyrics which tell a story by focusing on meaningful verbiage, instead of leaning heavily on rhymes. This style makes Stein a unique crowd-pleaser.

Elise says, “This song is about finding love after being single for a long time. The single captures the butterflies and fireworks of this time and how you literally feel “High” from how happy you are with them.”

In only 23 years, Elise has accomplished much, from opening at Nashville’s Historic Exit/In for Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan, all the way to being crowned Miss Chattanooga, a title which she currently holds. She uses her platforms to promote honorable causes such as anti-bullying efforts throughout schools in Tennessee.

Elise brings back nostalgic feelings of butterflies in the stomach and SWV’s buckling knees in her newest single, “High”. Listen to this DOPE new song now, and connect with Elise on her social media.

Connect with Elise Stein: TikTok | Instagram | Facebook

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