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Kristen Merlin (NBC’s The Voice Top 5 Contestant) latest single is “Shame”

Kristen Merlin is a Nashville-based country pop artist. In 2014, Kristen found herself performing for millions of fans on NBC’s Emmy Award winning show The Voice as a part of Shakira’s team. During her time on Season 6 of the show, Merlin made it to the top five Semi-Finals. America also voted for Kristen to join The Voice tour following her season.

Kristen Merlin releases new single “Shame”

On June 4, 2021, Merlin releases new single “Shame“.

Kristen has partnered with The Human Rights Campaign for her latest single release, sharing in the message of equal rights for all humans, no matter their gender, race, or sexual orientation. The Human Rights Campaign will include a link to Kristen’s song/video in their virtual Pride Month care package in order to share the message of the importance of equality for all with its members.

Kristen Merlin discusses new single “Shame”

To me, this song is an anthem – for anyone who’s ever felt like they were held back by the judgement of others for reasons that don’t necessarily define them or their true character. This song really is about everyone out there who has come to face with some sort of shame in their life, whether it’s whom you choose to love, what race you were born into or how you choose to live your life. This song was an honest moment in a writing session with some of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting in a room with, Catt Gravitt and Jake Rose. I wanted listeners to feel a sense of strength and inclusivity and walk away feeling excited to embrace and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness – including their own.

Austin Shawn (Colbie Calliat, Julliette Reilly), who produced the project discusses new single “Shame”

I think Shame really shows off every single corner of Kristen from her writing, stellar voice, and most importantly her story and truth. That’s what really makes the song special and I couldn’t be more proud to have stamped our names on it.

Second EP, Humans Being

In 2019, Merlin released her second EP Humans Being. It reached No. 4 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Northeast chart. The five-track EP includes three songs co-written by Merlin. The album includes single “Don’t Call It a Comeback”


Don’t Call It a Comeback “Disengage” “Living Proof” “Anyway” “Humans Being”

First EP, “Boomerang”

In 2015, following The Voice tour with Christina Grimmie, Joshua Kaufman, Morgan Wallen, and other Voice alumni, Kristen released EP “Boomerang”. It reached #2 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart. The five-track EP features four songs written by Merlin. The album includes single “A Little While”.

Track listing

  1. “Boomerang”

  2. “A Little While“

  3. “Confusion”

  4. “For Now”

  5. “Pocket Love Song”

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