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Kelsey Hickman Discusses New Single "Novocaine" On The Nash News

Kelsey Hickman may be considered a rising new artist, but it's clear that she has the awareness and experiences that make her a seasoned professional. The singer, who hails from Illinois, leads with authenticity and heart in every song she records. Hickman enjoys infusing country and rock into her own unique sound. Her brand new single "Novocaine" is as powerful as the title suggests. Hickman discussed the single as well as her career.

Hickman moved to Nashville at 21 years old. "I was excited, I was nervous, I didn't really know what to expect. Coming from a small town it was a big change," says Hickman. She knew nothing about Broadway before coming to music city, and she realized this was the place she could thrive. Hickman appreciates the connections and people she has met along the way, especially other songwriters and producers. Kent Wells, who is known for his work with Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, and Kenny Rogers, is one of those people.

The singer credits how her sound has evolved from time taken during COVID. Hickman blends country with rock, and even some edgier pop elements can be found. "People say country music isn't country anymore. I believe country music comes from your heart, what you believe in as a person. That's where my music comes from," Hickman states. She leaned back into her country roots while embracing her "rock and roll attitude."

"Novocaine" is truly a song that hooks people in from the very beginning. Hickman possesses vocals to rival the best of what's out there. "The soul-sucking song is a compelling message of 'love as addiction' that listeners relate to as the song captures the raw power and emotion," per a press release. Hickman notes, "This song is addicting to sing. Just think about being pinned up against the wall in a good way. Something you can’t put down. This is a love story that we love to hate.”

"I've never been more proud of the music I've been releasing," shares Hickman. Her passion for her music is felt through this new song in particular, which she says she, "hopes to rip people's hearts out. In a good way." Her next release is expected to be a ballad that she describes as being "very Taylor Swift." While the ballad isn't her personal favorite, she says it's the song her friends and team love the most. Hickman enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone when needed, and she's surely going to be an artist to keep an eye out for.



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