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Interview: From An Elvis House Band To Reba And Lionel Richie, The Life Of Producer Tony Brown

Appearing on the program, The State of Things from WUNC in North Carolina, host Frank Stasio talks to music producer Tony Brown about his journey from humble beginnings to working with some of the top recording acts and being president for a major label. Listen right here.

What Brown’s family did have was each other. His evangelist father may have been strict, but Brown never remembers feeling poor or less than anyone else. His family spent their days and nights serving God. If they were not in church, they were out knocking on doors preaching the gospel or on tour as the Brown Family Singers. Brown sang background harmony for the family group until his father discovered Brown could dazzle crowds with his piano playing. These skills would shape the man who would go on to produce 37 number one singles for George Strait.

Brown joins host Frank Stasio to tell his rags-to-riches story, which includes his time playing in Elvis Presley’s house band; and how discovering Alabama changed his status. In his book, “Elvis, Strait, to Jesus: An Iconic Producer's Journey with Legends of Rock 'n' Roll, Country, and Gospel Music” (Hatchett Book Group/2018), Brown shares his personal struggles and triumphs: the fall that nearly killed him, finding sobriety and photos from the many influencers who helped build his legacy. Brown will also share his hope for the future of country music. His latest work is with the young artist EmiSunshine.

Through his 40 year career, Brown discovered some of the biggest names in country music, he rose to president of MCA Nashville and produced many hits that became country music classics. Listen to the tell-all segment of The State of Things right here to hear the full story.


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