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INTERVIEW: EmiSunshine Talks New Album ‘Family Wars’

March 13, 2020 | By Laura Klonowski Courtesy of Belles and Gals

EmiSunshine is an artist who has already achieved more in her career than many will in a lifetime; aged just 15 she has already released a staggering 6 albums, toured internationally, played the Grand Ole Opry stage multiple times, and won countless accolades. Here we chat to EmiSunshine to discuss her latest project ‘Family Wars’; Your career has had so many highs at such a young age, what else are you looking to achieve? Everything! I want to be taken seriously as a writer! I want to tour in every country! More than anything I just want to support myself and give my fans great music! You’ve played the Opry multiple times, won major awards, and released multiple LPs, what would you say has been your standout moment so far? Walking on that Opry stage is the greatest thing ever! You co-produced your new album with Tony Brown, what was that experience like? I had co-produced my last 2 albums but this was different. Watching Tony work and learning from him was something money can’t buy. It’s a lifelong resume perk that I know will serve me well! He must know that too. He is such a benevolent human. Always thinking of others! What are you hoping fans take away from this new CD? Honesty! It’s rough and raw. I say it’s my most personal album so far and by that I mean it holds so much of me. It’s not directed by a label or contrived. It is just my stories and ideas paired with my co-writers perspectives. Do you have a personal favourite track on the new project? Jonas Black. It’s a tale of what happens when we can’t give a little and see each other’s side of things. Your touring band is made up of your brother, father, and uncle, what’s it like working so closely with your family? Well, I’ve done it for so long it’s all I know. They gave up their lives to join the circus, I often say, but in truth, we have lived both with plenty and with want for the past 5 years. It’s made us closer and it’s proven to me if I want something I best believe they would move heaven and earth to make it happen. Can you tell us a little about your average writing day when working on a new album? I usually write anytime I’m off the road! Occasionally I’ll write while touring. If I can arrange for some quiet at a hotel to be on the bus with just mom. Sometimes I’ll meet co-writers on the road too! I didn’t write for Family Wars… I just had all these songs that felt right together. Do you have any plans to tour internationally this year? I do! I’m just trying to wade through the logistics of it all! I want to experience it all!


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