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Infotatiles Shares ‘Sticks & Stones’: NewAge Poet’s truthful anthem about men’s mental health

Coming on UK OK Day, “Sticks & Stones” sheds light on the highs and lows of dealing with internal emotions as a man on a daily basis.

With a rich yet stripped-down aesthetic, densely woven, biting lyricism and heady flow, Australian rap artist Eddie Labbad, better known as NewAge Poet, has grown steadily over the past decade.

Also an author, poet and outspoken advocate for the awareness and importance of men’s mental health in all mediums, Labbad evokes an intensity of mood with his captivating sound and philosophical lyrical messages, delivering poetry in in rap to convey messages of truth and life’s struggles, notably in his new single “Sticks & Stones”, released today, September 8th.

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The sequel to singles ‘Colossal’ and ‘Gold’, released earlier this year, ‘Sticks & Stones’ combines lavish production, hard-hitting beats and a decidedly honest and poignant lyricism that highlights the ups and downs of managing internal emotions as an everyday man.

With an effortless melodic flow, Labbad’s emotive and aching delivery is the centerpiece of the track, rapping circles around us as he lyrically illustrates a distinct narrative about mental health and gives us insight into understanding tribulations in the soul of a man in the face of suicidal thoughts.

“Internally I’ve become ballistic, what is it, let me become just another statistic, I can’t cope, I can’t cope, with everything I’m feeling”

Talking extensively about male suicide, the track is filled with truthful poetry that lingers long after the song’s end as “Sticks & Stones” hits close to home for the singer with close relationships who faced mental illness.

“By the time the clock strikes midnight tonight, six Australian men will have committed suicide, leaving behind a trail of destruction and devastation only because they truly believed it was the only way out for them,” he says. .

“It’s the pandemic that we don’t talk about often enough until it’s too late.”

It’s a chilling statistic shared by the artist, and unfortunately it’s a very real statistic that stems from the difficulty some men have in opening up and talking about how they feel, which has serious impact on their mental health and well-being.

“Sticks & Stones’ was born not only to raise awareness of the importance of men’s mental health, but also to shine a light on the almost false subject of male suicide,” he adds. “Darkness cannot survive in light and it is time we shun our rays on this virus that hides and thrives in darkness.”

Striving to continue to be powerful and impactful throughout his career, the artist seeks to normalize mental health issues.

In addition to highlighting the struggles to survive with the internal battles that men face, the song’s lyrics also reflect the perception of men’s mental health and the importance of reframing psychological counseling as a pathway to empowerment. rather than something shameful.

“It’s time to talk about the importance of fatherhood and the examples we need to set for young men. The existence of the next generation literally depends on it. It’s time to fight back with sticks and stones.

“My hope for this track is to encourage men to grow, progress and learn to regulate their emotions and thoughts in a much more positive way, allowing us to teach the next generation of boys to do so as well. , so that they may be given a chance to become as the men they are destined to become.

“I believe this will be the greatest gift that men can give to our sons and to humanity.”

Alongside the new single, Labbad has unveiled an accompanying music video, offering a visual representation of his deep dive into the abyss of real-life conversations and earth-shattering truths. The black-and-white video features footage of real men and their sons, ranging from close-ups, and a variety of interactions to convey the song’s message.

Throughout the video, blue marks appear on faces, representing the trauma of male childhood and all those who fell victim to its stranglehold.

A highly influential role model in the music industry and beyond, Labbad will donate part of his proceeds from ‘Sticks & Stones’ and his book Enter The Poet to the UK OK? organization. The Australian non-profit suicide prevention organization strongly advocates that people establish conversations with others by living by the motto “A conversation can change a life”. Today, Thursday September 8, RU OK? Day, who encourages you to take action by spending time meeting your peers and asking them “RU OK? »

Hip-hop, as one of the most important musical genres today, continues to be accessible to the public with lyrics that express anxiety, depression and mental health, especially among men of ‘today. The best songs are the ones an audience can relate to, and NewAge Poet does just that.

Stream “Sticks & Stones” here. Learn more about NewAge Poet here.



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