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Fashion Maniac: Hand-Made Fashion Brand Hogwash 'n Rhinestones

Upcycled Clothing Where Rebel Soul Meets Rockstar Cowgirl

Blame the Brand on a Vintage Lovin' Soul

Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones is a Boston-based company that emerged from the creative vision of founder Rae Finn in 2011. With a deep appreciation for vintage clothing and a determination to salvage discarded treasures, Rae embarked on a transformative journey that would redefine sustainable fashion. Digging for curbside gold with her dad in Holliston, Massachusetts, Rae developed a keen eye for hidden potential in discarded items. She discovered that nothing should go to waste, and her passion for upcycling was ignited.

Rae embarked on countless thrifting adventures to find unparalleled pieces that celebrated uniqueness. Whether you’re a rockstar or just want to look like one, Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones defines the art of revamping, deconstructing, and bedazzling clothing. Rae breathes new life into old pieces, transforming them into one-of-a-kind fashion statements that combine vintage charm with contemporary flair. This fusion of styles became the cornerstone of Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones' sustainable clothing line.

Today, Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones has become an upcycled clothing line where a rebel soul meets rockstar cowgirl. The brand is a true testament to the transformative power of creativity and conscious consumerism. Each piece of clothing produced by Rae tells its own story, blending vintage aesthetics with modern sensibilities. By repurposing materials that would otherwise go to waste, the brand champions sustainability while offering fashion-forward pieces, one stitch at a time.



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