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Drop the Spotlight Features Kelsey Hickman "Novocaine"


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Singer-songwriter Kelsey Hickman releases her highly anticipated single, “Novocaine.” As a performer, Kelsey electrifies audiences with her magnetic stage presence and capable vocal ranges, telling a creative story with her rock and country tones. With its passionate lyrics, the song “Novocaine” depicts an addictive love that alters one’s mind about battling impulses and escaping something only that person can recognize when running away from it. — “It’s novocaine, straight to the veins, you drive me insane, your novocaine.”

The soul-sucking song is a compelling message of “love as addiction” that listeners relate to as the song captures raw power and emotion. Kelsey says, “When I first heard the word novocaine… I was like, “damn.” If I liked the way that word hit me rolling off my tongue, I can’t imagine singing it. I was lucky enough to have my producer, Don Miggs, on the project. He really knew how to light this song up — a slow burn, if you will.”

With a heavily influenced production by Don Miggs, the mood-elevating power of the lyrics hits you right in the heart. Kelsey is certainly coming out strong with this single and stepping into her powerhouse role as an artist, vocalist, and songwriter. Emotions and feelings are heightened throughout the single as Kelsey vocally belts the addiction of a love that drives you insane. Through Kelsey’s masterful vocal delivery, you can truly feel the raw emotion. Kelsey adds, “This song is addicting to sing…Just think about being pinned up against the wall in a good way. Something you can’t put down. This is a love story that we love to hate.”

The landscape of a full vocal performance is electrifying and highlights the tasteful artistry of Kelsey, which is infectious and creates a melodic masterpiece. The lyrical references throughout the song ultimately unveil the unforgettable “Novocaine” with someone.

For more information and to connect with Kelsey Hickman follow her on Website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.



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