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Divine Magazine: Kelsey Hickman Debuts Novocaine in Love-As-Addiction Music Video

Powerful Vocal Performance Conveyed Through Raw Emotions

Singer-songwriter Kelsey Hickman releases an incredibly powerful music video for her latest single, “Novocaine.” Bringing to life the song’s romance as an addiction, the video is directed by Stormlight Pictures and tells an emotional story from one’s perspective of a toxic love that becomes so numb you stay in it for the thrill.

Highlighting her strength as an artist, Kelsey released the single and video to accompany her new musical sound. The addictive nature of the storytelling music video is an infectious delivery of the passionate lyrics and captures the raw feelings of the song painted in a dark picture about being unable to leave. “It’s novocaine, straight to the veins, you drive me insane, your novocaine.” As Screamer Magazine labels Kelsey, “She’s A Little Bit Country, She’s A Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll,” the rising star shows her authenticity and heart throughout the electrifying video.

Her vulnerable artistry blends country with rock music by embracing her rock and roll attitude with her small-town Illinois country roots. The soul-sucking song “Novocaine” received high praise from The Honey Pop Culture Magazine, which said “‘Novocaine’ is such a stellar introduction to Kelsey Hickman for anyone who isn’t already familiar. Her voice pairs so well with what we can only describe as an almost blues-like backing track, which mind you, we’re obsessed with. ‘Novocaine’ is exactly how you make a comeback after years of not releasing music.”

The video truly captures the self-hurt of loving someone so hard that no matter how they treat you, it becomes an addiction that you can’t break away from. Kelsey’s country-rock sound is sure to make you feel something. As an artist and performer, she doesn’t just believe in the lyrics of a song; she believes in the music and production that give you a beat in your heart.

Kelsey says, “People say country music isn’t country anymore. I believe country music comes from your heart, from what you believe in as a person. That’s where my music comes from.” Feeling the soul-sucking power and the love as an addiction that you can’t put down, “Novocaine” gives listeners a song and music video to relate to.

“The rising star has somehow found the perfect middle ground between punk and country, creating something truly special and unique. “Novocaine” showcases Hickman’s powerful belt against bold electric guitars. Her smooth, mesmerizing delivery of the sultry lyrics portrays lust as an addiction, taking it a step above most country songs about crushes. A song that breaks genre barriers, it will truly help Hickman attract a fanbase from all across the spectrum.” — All Country Music News, Los Angeles

About Kelsey Hickman

As a singer-songwriter from Illinois, Kelsey Hickman wows audiences from all over the world, relentlessly playing residencies at several Music City venues, including the infamous Tootsies Orchid Lounge. A sweet singer with a smart ass kinda soul, Kelsey’s passion and all-in approach to life spills over into her vocals and stage performance, allowing her to bring the party to any stage.

Working with producer Kent Wells, who is known for his work with Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, and Kenny Rogers, has been a long time coming since starting out as a performer in her hometown. Seeing the opportunity to take her music career to an entirely new level in Music City, Kelsey teamed up with Wells as he produced her debut single, “Gone” which was written by Wells, and Bill DiLuigi, as well her full-length album called Gypsy released in 2016. DiLuigi was the grand prize winner of American Songwriter’s lyric contest and has over 300 recorded cuts in his career.

Since her adolescence, Kelsey was captivated by the country and rock ‘n’ roll worlds and believed she had found her calling as a musician. Kelsey wrote her first song around the age of 12 while her parents were out one night. She later became well known for taking part in all the plays and musicals offered in her community.

As a 16-year-old, Kelsey became the lead singer of a Midwest band called Still Kickn’ after a garage audition. Her tenure with the band gave her the opportunity to perform in front of over 25,000 people while they opened for Lady A. Along with performances at notable venues, fairs, and festivals throughout the Midwest, the band was invited to open for Chris Young, Montgomery Gentry, Easton Corbin, and Tracy Lawrence.

Despite the discovery of her calling, Hickman’s devotion to her craft wasn’t without difficulty. “My parents’ marriage began to fall apart, and the subject of their fights was often my choice to pursue music. I felt caught in the crossfire, and even contemplated quitting the band.” The divorce of her parents, however, also encouraged Hickman to use music as an escape. “I lost myself in songwriting and performing – which was certainly beneficial. The very thing my parents fought over became my saving grace, my release.” In 2013, the band Still Kickn’ decided to part ways and it led Kelsey to make the decision to embark on a solo career.

Kelsey’s artistry continues to show through her powerful vocals., Kelsey says, “I want to write and perform music that my listeners can connect with. If I’ve done that, I’ve done what I’ve been put on this earth to do.”

For more information and to connect with Kelsey Hickman, follow her on her Website,Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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