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BUZZMUSIC: Not Afraid to Show It; How Do You Like Siena’s “Sass?"

Trading traditional, flat countryside pastures for impeccable mountainscapes, desert richness, and gleaming strip lights, Siena is a neon cowgirl out of none other than Las Vegas.

Unlike most artists her age, she moves away from modern country-pop and dives more into her roots of 2000s country in both her music and fashion. With a bolo tie resting confidently around her neck and a wide-brim hat shading her eyes, Siena is an artist the twenty-first century has yet to see.

When we click play on Siena’s latest single, “Sass,” she brings that to the table. The edgy and upbeat sounds tour us through her unapologetic persona as she unveils a raw and cutting-edge country flair.

From the moment “Sass” comes on, we’re drenched in crunchy guitar riffs, powerful drum patterns, and a rhythmic bassline dripping the ultimate feel-good vibes. Radiating her genuine country allure as she emanates an empowering vocal performance sure to shake things up, we can’t help but focus on the playful nuances in Siena’s countryside cascades.

When tuning into the eye-catching music video, we see how Siena is living her best life under rays of sunshine, killer fashion, and jamming alongside her band. Fitting into the messaging Siena often offers in her music, “Sass” encourages us to live free and authentically as her cheeky lyrics and honeyed timbres fuel us.

Continuing to express her stories through the trademarks of traditional country music, Siena is a master at drawing us in with imaginative soundscapes and vivid imagery to pair with them. So bask in the greatness of “Sass,” and don’t be surprised if it finds its way to your favorite playlist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Siena! We’re thrilled to have you here discussing your latest release of “Sass.” With such witty lyrics and upbeat energy, is this song inspired by a particular moment or story in your life?

I told my co-writer and producer Don Miggs I hadn’t heard a fun girls' night out a song in a while, so I thought, why not write one!

We know country music has many sides to it through the stories often shared. Do you prefer creating more energetic pieces, or do you prefer to get more intimate with your emotions?

I like both! I enjoy sharing my different writing styles. With Sass, you can see the fun, outgoing side of me, but with some future projects I have, you might be able to see a more serious side.

We loved the visuals and how they represent you and the song's premise! How did you draw inspiration for the music video that pairs with “Sass?”

Thank you! I wanted to showcase my western and outgoing side with the scenes we filmed. Since horses are such a big part of my life, I wanted to make sure my horse Gracie had her cameo!

What has it been like to share the stage with some of your idols like Rascal Flatts, Big & Rich, and Rodney Atkins?

Anytime I share the stage with an artist, big or small, it’s a beautiful opportunity. You can learn so much just from watching one another. We are all doing what we love, singing and performing country music.

What’s next for you?

There’s a lot to come as I grow in my music journey. I want to give listeners my honest self at all times, great music they can relate to and give them an at-home feeling.



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