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Ashley Barron’s Breakout Single “Kiss A Brunette” Challenges Social Norms

Photography Credit: Melissa Core of Dead Horse Branding

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — As an authentic and gritty country artist, Ashley Barron boldly embraces individuality with the release of her single, “Kiss A Brunette.” Hailing from Northern California, the artist challenges listeners to break away from the status quo and champion their true selves. Through her music, Ashley encapsulates the spirit of a resilient countrywoman, infusing her songwriting with personal stories and experiences. Her artistic journey is profoundly rooted, fostering a genuine connection with her audience that resonates deeply. Inspired by the game of checkers, Ashley interprets life as a voyage characterized by forward progression, occasional detours, a focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past, and a determined journey toward one’s destination. The metaphor is integrated into Ashley’s music and writing, serving as a central theme in her artistic expression that you can’t move backwards, only forward.

Written by Ashley Barron and songwriter Bill Diluigi, who has over 500 songs recorded on the Billboard Country and Americana Top 100, “Kiss A Brunette” expresses the desire to break free through the upbeat tempo and catchy chorus and getting a little buck wild. Ashley says, “I know this song seems like it’s just about blondes versus brunettes, but really, that’s the metaphor! This song is about accepting yourself and rocking it. It’s about owning who you are and stepping out of society's norms or what society says is beautiful or what you should be like.”

Ashley previously released her singles "Beer in a Bar" topping the Billboard chart at #37; "The Wind", debuting on the Billboard chart at #59 and being the second song added on country radio, eventually making its way to #37; and "Let Me Go", becoming the Top 30 song on the Music Row singles chart.

The power of individuality and resisting the pressure to conform to societal norms aren’t always easy. ‘“Kiss A Brunette” is for the outcasts, the ones that just never quite fit in. That was me my whole life, sitting on the edge of popularity in school, loving the Lord but being too much of a rebel for the church groups,” adds Ashley.

The high-powered vocals create a raw sound that captures the rebellious spirit of self-acceptance. Ashley says, ‘“Kiss A Brunette’ is meant to be rowdy and fun and wants to get you on your feet dancing like nobody’s watching.”

Stepping on the country music scene, Ashley continues to tour year-round and share life experiences and stories through her songwriting to create a home-grown feel. Ashley's inspiration is grounded in a country style fused with her rough-edged authenticity. She is set to perform at the National Scleroderma Walk on June 8, 2024, in Napa County, CA, and at the Platteville Fire Department Celebration on June 22, 2024, in Platteville, WI.

For more information and to connect with Ashley Barron follow her on Website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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About Ashley Barron

Emerging on the country music scene, Ashley Barron showcases her uniquely powerful and gritty vocals during every performance. Inspired by strong women in country music like Miranda Lambert and Loretta Lynn, Barron incorporates her life experience into her songwriting to create passionate and relatable music that embodies loss, heartbreak, betrayal, and the occasional crazy night out with the girls.

She’s come a long way from singing in her bedroom and participating in high school choir and music lessons in her hometown of Sacramento, California. After declining acceptance into the University of Arizona, she chose to pursue her dream—a career in country music—and vigorously began recording and performing. When it comes to her fans, Barron is an open book. In her music and as a writer, she is committed to being vulnerable and sharing her story, regardless of how painful. "I was taught to never give up, and if I can help someone push through a rough time, then I’m sharing my story."

Ashley’s first single, "It Might Get Loud", came out in 2017 when she was 23 years old. In 2019, she released "Wrote a Song About It." The following year, her single "Beer in a Bar" received critical acclaim and topped the Billboard chart at #37. Her next single, "The Wind", a hope-filled anthem that embodies the spirit of a strong woman who preserves regardless of the circumstances, debuted on the Billboard chart at #59 and was the second song added on country radio, eventually making its way to #37. Her single, "Let Me Go", was most added to the Top 30 on the Music Row singles chart.

Barron worked with the executive producer of Rascel 3 Creative, Jimmy Lynch, on her music video for "Let Me Go," which played nationwide on TCN, Music Choice, and GAC. Released in September 2021, Barron’s self-titled album reached over a million streams in the first month. In December 2022, Barron released an original Christmas song, "Walmart Cart Christmas'', which had more than 300 spins and was played on 40+ radio stations. During the summer of 2021, Barron had the opportunity to tour with and open for the legendary T. Graham Brown. She has also opened for other artists, including Dylan Scott, Maddie & Tae, Tyler Farr, and Craig Campbell.

In 2021, the National Scleroderma Foundation named recording artist Ashley Barron as their official celebrity ambassador. Barron was diagnosed with scleroderma at age five. At that time, her family had never heard of the disease, a common experience with scleroderma, a rare disease that only affects 300,000 Americans. Tragically, Barron lost her mother, Carol Barron, to scleroderma in October 2020. Her mother was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis only four months before her death.

Now, as Celebrity Ambassador, Barron is working to represent the organization and increase awareness of scleroderma in her performances as she travels throughout the country. In 2022, Barron had the privilege of speaking at their leadership conference and sharing her story with major donors and medical professionals. She is honored to have the opportunity to work alongside the National Scleroderma Foundation and bring awareness to a disease that doesn’t have a cure yet!

In the summer of 2023 Ashley hit the road with Chad Brock. Barron recently released her 7th single to country radio, "Blaze A Trail'', which landed on Music Row’s Country Breakout Radio Chart and is a song about being unstoppable and going after your dreams.



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