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An Interview With Newcomer Singer-Songwriter WILL MUSE!”

December 5, 2019 | By Leah Brungardt Courtesy of All Access Music

An Interview With Newcomer Singer-Songwriter WILL MUSE!

Meet Will Muse! He is a 16 year old rising singer-songwriter. Last month, on November 8th, he put out his third single called “Shape of Your Faith.” It is an upbeat track with a throwback feel and explores that feeling of falling in love and finding “the one.” His second single “Spend” was released earlier this year on Radio Disney.  Connect With Will Muse Online Here-

Will Muse Spotify

Will Muse Instagram

Will Muse Youtube

Learn more about Will Muse in the following All Access interview-

Thank you for your time! So what does a typical day look like for you lately? 

Thank you for having me! Each day is always a little different. On a typical week day I go to school. Then I will usually work on things pertaining to my music.

Now that they year is about over, how has 2019 treated you? What are some goals that you have had for yourself this year? How close are you to reaching them or did you already? What are you already looking forward to in 2020?

2019 has been a great year! Ultimately I set the goal of just spreading positivity through music. I have achieved this goal! I also achieved the goal of having my own line of merchandise. In 2020 I am looking forward to releasing several new singles and videos along with a potential tour.

Growing up, how important was music in your life? Can you recall the moment when you decided that you wanted to be a musician? Was it an easy or difficult choice to make?

Growing up music has always been a huge part of my life. I can remember from a very early age always being exposed by my family to awesome classic music! Being a fan of Slash from Guns N Roses inspired me to start playing the guitar at the age of five. It was an easy choice for me since I was so passionate and had such excitement for music.

Was there ever a time when you thought about doing something else? If you weren’t a musician today, what else could you see yourself doing? Would you be as fulfilled in life?

There really has never been a time where I have thought of doing something else. If I had to do something else, I could see myself doing something in law or business. I will always pursue music along with anything else I am ever doing in life.

What has been the biggest surprise so far about making music your career? What has been an unexpected or welcome challenge to it all? What has been the best part about it all?

The greatest surprise for me is seeing all of the great support I have received. I am blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing team. An unexpected challenge has sometimes been coming up with lyrics. The best part of it all has been having the opportunity to express myself musically and spread positivity.

Let’s talk about your newest music. What was the inspiration for your latest single, “Shape of Your Faith”?

Musically “Shape of Your Faith” gives the listener a fun, groovy, and retro vibe. Lyrically the song describes how love can be expressed in different forms to shape your life. The creative process for writing, recording, and shooting the video for this song was truly memorable.

Do you have plans to release more new music soon and a full of collection of new songs?

Yes I do! I have several new singles with videos that will be released within the upcoming months.

How would you say that your newest music compares to anything else that you have released in the past?

I think that it is a bit different. It is a bit more retro and upbeat!

How do you think you have grown as a musician since you first started making music? What if anything has stayed the same about your music-making process?

I feel as if my abilities across the board have grown. I’ve definitely grown with more life experience as a songwriter. I feel as if my vocal and instrumental styles have stayed the same.

How do you feel about social media? What do you think social media has done for your career?

Social media is a great outlet to connect with the world and to spread positivity. Social media so far for me has been great, I have been able to reach over 2 million viewers with my music videos.

What musicians would you absolutely still love to work with in the future? 

I would absolutely love to work with Steven Tyler!

If you could design your dream music video right now, what would it look like?

My dream music video would be something inspirational. It would be shot in a sunny and bright setting.

Where would you love to hear a song of yours played? 

I would love to hear one of my songs played on a mainstream radio station at some point!

At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?

My hope is that people can take away a message of positivity from my music. I want to inspire people to follow their dreams and passions.


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