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The Music Scout: Brewer's Grade Band

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Welcome to the first interview episode of the new schedule folks! If you're unfamiliar with the schedule change, there will be 2 episodes a week now instead of 1. Tuesdays will be the interview episode and Fridays will be the normal music episode.

It's time for a change to take the podcast to the next level, so now it's time to put more content out too and interviews are something that is of great passion to the podcast. It's great to hear the back stories to songs and the connection all the musicians have to their music.

I'm looking forward to chatting to a whole range of musicians from various genres!

First up we have The Brewers Grade! A country/folk band that are producing some of the best country music in the US at the moment, who are also the most passionate country musicians too!

We talk about their debut album from 2014, their new single, plus their nomination for the IMEA awards for best single and best band! All the best to them.


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