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Yvng Homie reaches millions through TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram

NASHVILLE, TN (September 2, 2020) — Dancing sensation Jordan Daniels, also known as Yvng Homie, from Bowling Green, Kentucky, has become the next big TikTok celebrity influencer and is partnering with some of the worlds largest brands. At only 17, Daniels has amassed 3.3 Million TikTok followers and 1.15 Million YouTube fans after starting his original hip-hop choreography and how-to channel in 2016. This virtual stage has given him the chance to collaborate with fellow viral dancer Lavado Arne Jr. and is becoming a hot marketing machine for brands like NBC Peacock TV, Doritos, Samsung, Xbox, and Post.

Taking advantage of his talents on TikTok, Daniels has created a platform through the name Yvng Homie, where he spreads positivity through dancing to popular songs and comical TV show remixes. His background music choices include songs from popular TV shows such as Disney Junior’s Sofia the First, Spongebob, and Caillou. Yvng Homie was also featured in the music video for “Holy Moly Donut Shop” by Blueface featuring NLE Choppa, which has already received over 34 million views. 

Yvng Homie is currently curating a Moonwalk Around the World video series, showing different shots where he moonwalks in a public location surprising bystanders with his talents. He and his team are also working to create a Yvng Homie branded apparel line. There seems to be no limit to what he can do. Keep up with Yvng Homie on every platform and continue to spread positivity with him one incredible dance move at a time. 

Connect with Yvng Homie: TikTok | Youtube | InstagramFacebook | Twitter


Yvng Homie Media Contact: Nicole Nehrbas | 480 329 0718 |

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