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June 26, 2020 | Courtesy of Next Fen Personal Finance

Winston Justice is always thinking ahead and preparing for the future...whether it was choosing football despite his basketball ambitions in high school or planning for life after the NFL. He's also someone who has a strong ethos of "giving back." As the winner of the prestigious Walter Payton Philadelphia NFL Man of the Year award, Winston was recognized for his contributions off the field which he shares in our conversation. Finally, Winston details why he cares so much about financial education and the effort he put into making the transition from football to Bernstein Private Wealth Management where he is a Vice President. Enjoy! Quote: • “Education in terms of finances I think is pivotal to closing that equality gap. I just think growing up a lot of the world just wasn’t existent for me. I didn’t know what a stock or a bond was growing up, not because I wasn’t a smart kid but I just didn’t know that part of the world existed.  So if you bring that possibility of a different world to people who haven’t been exposed to that, that’s what gets me really excited about sharing new possibilities and even futures for kids.”

Details:  • 0:00~1:33 Introduction • 1:33~3:32 Current job • 3:32~6:39 Early money lessons and jobs • 6:39~7:41 Source of passion for personal finance • 7:41~9:43 Starting to play football • 9:43~13:04 Playing football at USC • 13:04~16:33 Getting the first NFL contract • 16:33~17:46 Crossing paths with Jamal Mashburn • 17:46~20:09 Thinking about life after football • 20:09~20:33 A word from NGPF • 20:33~23:10 Athletes and money  • 23:10~27:58 Winning the Walter Payton award and volunteering in Haiti • 27:58~29:48 Choosing organizations to be a part of  • 29:48~34:37 Transitioning from football to the business world • 34:37~37:07 What investors are worried about during this pandemic • 37:07~43:09 On the Black Lives Matter movement • 43:09~44:50 Conclusion


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