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We can feel the summer approaching, with all of these warm, carefree anthems coming our way.

The latest? It’s “Good to Go,” the new single from southern rockers Stone Senate. The band — described as “a heavier version of Lynyrd Skynyrd, crossed with The Allman Brothers Band” — released the single in advance of their forthcoming EP, Dawn, which in itself will accompany the band’s previous Dusk EP to create a full-length experience titled Between the Dark and the Light.

As for “Good to Go,” intricate guitar plucking, sweet steel guitar tones, and crisp vocal harmonies create a golden-glowing, feel-good soundscape, which underscore the relaxed delivery of singer Clint Woolsey’s soulful baritone.

“The song immediately is just a feel-good song,” Woolsey said. “It’s a ‘roll the windows down and turn it up on a back road’ kind of feeling, like the stuff we grew up on.”

Take a ride. There’s nothing to hide. Start your week below with “Good to Go.”


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