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The Business Side of Music Podcast: Rick Caballo and Melissa Core-Caballo Talk DH7

Do you know what your brand is? Are seeking more streams and likes, or are you wanting a bigger picture that incorporates who you actually are as not only an artist, but as an individual working in the music industry. Something that is sustaining to your career, and sets you above all the noise and clutter in social media, and ultimately the music business?

Rick and Melissa Core Caballo, who are founders of the Nashville TN, and Wollongong Australia based Dead Horse Branding have taken the lead in creating a curriculum called DH7, which is being taught in college, along with online courses, which incorporates the top 7 seven formulas to help create and launch your brand. These include; Strategy, logo, photography, website, a marketing and social media plan, publicity, along with distribution and licensing. Rick and Melissa have put these together, to help create that branding needed these days for the artist seeking a successful career.





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