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Starry Constellation Magazine Interviews Crystal Starr

Q) You have truly come a long way Starr, from 2010’s “Cake” and of course the incredibly beautiful story of how you got to open for music legend Stevie Wonder while you were working as a Radio host for an internet radio station. Since then, you’ve been actively recording music, how have you grown as a musician in the many years that followed?

A) I’ve grown in so many ways. My sound has changed in so many ways. I’ve changed. I’m the better version of myself today, so my music is just reflecting who I am today. I’ve become more confident in who I am as a woman, and my prayer is that my music reflects that.

Q) At the moment you’re involved in a lot of different industries, from music, business to being the founder of a charity organization supporting children. How does this all come together to tell your story?

A) My heart is in service and helping people. I believe my music and services tell that story. I try to put my heart into everything that I do, and I believe my story is embedded in my character, my relationship with God and my service.

Q) I think this is something everyone on their journey to becoming a singer would love to know: you’ve been praised from the moon and back for your incredible voice, any secrets?

A) [laughs] It hasn’t always been that way, but through lots of perseverance and focus on my craft. My advice to anyone wanting to become a performer is to study your craft and constantly find inspiration. Find joy in your journey and focus on the art and not what comes with the craft. Fame and fortune will always pass.

Q) Tell us the story behind your new single “Heart Failure,” especially since it’s not quite the usual heartbreak anthem and definitely not a love story. That’s a great description of the song.

A) I write from my life’s experiences, and one thing I believe we all go through is losing touch with one another because of social media. Those who have been through this find themselves buried in their phones, which takes away from quality time and takes away from the human and personal aspects of any relationship. It can even be about friendships.

Q) Most songwriters write from a personal perspective, and as one of the writers on “Heart Failure” – a song with emotionally heavy lyrics. What has the fan reaction been like to it so far?

A) A lot of my fans have left me messages about how they’ve really been able to relate to it. I’ve been getting a lot of “fire” emojis, “LOL” and how the song hits them right in the gut.

Q) What made you choose “Heart Failure” to be the lead single of your upcoming third studio album Popstarr?

A) It felt right. There’s no other reason I can explain it rather than. It felt right.

Q) What are some themes you explore on Popstarr?

A) The album is 80s-inspired. The 80s were a time when people were carefree and fun. I miss that about music. I miss the fun and the silliness we used to have as a people.

Q) What does a typical songwriting session look like for you?

A) Typically, I’ll come in with an idea before I go into the studio. I’ll either have a little melody that I’ve hummed into my recorder or a pre production song that I’ve already created in the lab that my producers can grab inspiration from.

Q) You’ve actually performed alongside other inspirational artists like yourself, for example Ariana Grande, Drake, Lady Gaga and so many others. If you could have a song with one of these artists you’ve performed with, who would it be and why?

A) I would actually love to work with Bruno Mars. I love his musicianship. Many people compare me to a female version of him and the Hooligans.

Q) Will there be an upcoming tour to promote Popstarr and if so where are you excited to be performing?

A) Yes, they are working on a tour right now. I’m really excited about going to Europe.

Q) Apart from your “golden voice,” you are also known for your “high-energy” and “dynamic” stage performances. How do you do that?

A) You know, come up on stage and sing and dance all the way through. [laughs] Through lots of cardio. Before any of the performances I need to make sure I’m in shape.

Q) What would you like to say to everyone who are fans and supporters of you and your music?

A) Your support touches my heart and I love you. Thank you for always supporting me. It uplifts me and my hope is that I can continue to do the same for you through my music.


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