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Pokemon Releases New Wave of Bear Walker Skateboards

Earlier this year, Pokemon Center and Bear Walker released an awesome set of skateboards featuring some of the most popular Pokemon. The promotion must have worked out well, because a new set of skateboards was made available for purchase today at the Pokemon Center website, and has quickly sold out! Five designs were offered as part of the promotion, priced at $249.99 each. The skateboards feature Mew, Rayquaza, Togepi, Toxtricity, and Umbreon. As with all Bear Walker boards, these are carved wood skateboards, and should make for an amazing display piece! Images of the boards can be found below this post.

What's really interesting about the second series of boards in this collection is the Pokemon that were selected. The first set of boards predominantly focused on the most popular Pokemon: Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo, Gengar, and Gyarados. Notably, all of those characters have been part of the franchise since Pokemon Red and Green. While the set of Pokemon picked for Series 2 are also pretty popular, they come from a more diverse set of games, providing some nice alternatives for people that got into the series later on. It certainly opens up the possibilities for a potential third wave!

Pokemon Center is also offering a wall mount, specifically designed for showing off a skateboard. From the images on the Pokemon Center website, it doesn't seem like the mount is any different from the one typically sold by Bear Walker, but its presence should be quite welcome. Pokemon Center offers free shipping on orders over $20, so having the mounts available for purchase might save buyers a shipping fee, if they opted to pick one up alongside a board.

Pokemon Center has always offered a lot of unique Pokemon products, and these boards are no exception. At the price point, this is clearly something meant to appeal to diehard fans of Pokemon and skateboarding. That's not a crossover most fans would expect to be successful, but it's clearly struck a chord! Of course, the gorgeous designs just might appeal to any Pokemon fan, regardless of their interest in the sport. Keep reading to see images of the skateboards from Pokemon and Bear Walker!

(Photo: Pokemon)Did you try snagging any of the Pokemon Center X Bear Walker boards? Which of these options is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!


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