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Melbourne News Station Shares NewAge Poet’s moving release of RU OK Day ‘Sticks and Stones’

NewAge Poet focuses on mental health and releases Sticks and Stones, a new single RU OK Day, a day that encourages you to take the time to ask “RU OK?”

Eddie Labbad is a poet, composer and rap recording artist. He is a strong advocate to raise awareness and highlight the importance of men’s mental well-being.

His new single “Sticks and Stones”, which he released, highlights the ups and downsides of dealing daily with inner feelings as a man.

Let’s be honest about male suicide He wears his subject with a felt close behind his chest. As he first-hand experiences the many close friends and family members who have dealt with mental illnesses, the artist shares some very disturbing facts.

“By the time the clock strikes midnight six Australian men will have lost their lives. This is because they believed that this was the only option. “This is a pandemic that we don’t talk much about until it’s too late.”

Message for iPad is a timely and important message. Sticks & Stones was founded to raise awareness and bring to light the very current topic of male suicide. Darkness cannot live in the light and it is time for us to avoid our rays on this virus that lurks and grows in the dark.”

Lyrically Sticks and Stones are the frustrations and struggles of surviving without feeling well. “I can’t cope, I cannot cope, with all I feel” NewAge Poet discusses the days of silence and where men’s mental health problems might be rooted.

Labbad attempts to keep the conversation alive by normalizing mental health issues and making it socially acceptable to access treatment.

He said, It’s time we talked about the importance and role of fatherhood and set examples for younger men. The existence of the next generation depends on that.”

The artist contributes a portion of Sticks and Stones and his book proceeds through his honest poetry. Enter the poet It will be donated Organization “RU OK”. The Australian suicide prevention non-profit organization calls on people to have meaningful conversations with one another by living the motto “Conversation can Change Lives”.

You can see the stones and sticks here.



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