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Kimberly Dawn’s “Deere John” is RT66’s ‘Song Of The Day’

Kimberly Dawn is a country singer/songwriter who uses her ability for storytelling through music to send an authentic message of humility, courage, perseverance, and resilience. Integrity, honesty, and strength are all some of the cores of her songwriting and she hopes her music can be empowering and inspiring to others. Her single “Deere John” is a reflection of the farm and countryside where she grew up and about leaving behind the only home she ever knew. No It was never easy Hey you gave me something to believe in Oh Huhumming away to the static on the radio, on the radio So Long nights in the rear view Oh that’s just how the country do Deere John can you hear me what can I say? It’s the backroads that made me In the song, Kimberly cleverly crafts “Deere John” as a double reference. One to “John Deere” tractors that were used on the farm and the other to the expression “Deere John.” This phrasing is genius because it perfectly references her country life while also personifying. The song has both bluegrass and pop elements which perfectly blend to create a unique country sound. They also unite well to tell the her story of country roots and then leaving them by having two contrasting styles blending to create one stylistic piece. It’s a beautiful song, especially for anyone who has ever left their childhood home. It perfectly broadcasts Kimberly’s narrative ability through her lyrics with a clear sense of empowerment in her sureness of self and her roots as well as giving full credit to the back roads and farm that she grew up on, the place that made her and embracing her identity. Kimberly ends the song like she began, with just a banjo, leaving you reaching for the rewind button so you can hear the song again. “Deere John” is most assuredly one of those songs that will take you down memory lane and have you enjoying the ride. Be sure to put this one on your Favorites Playlist! To listen to “Deere John” click Here Song credits: Written By: Kimberly Dawn, Don Miggs Produced By: Don Miggs Stay connected with Kimberly Dawn- Instagram | Facebook | Website | YouTube



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