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Joeyglo’s Catchy Pop Single “Lovely Lady” Out Now!

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, producer, and audio engineer Joeyglo has released his new single “Lovely Lady. The highly anticipated track references the importance of making women feel validated, worthy, and enough — just the way they are. A reflection inspired by romance evokes nothing but love in the listener’s heart and empathetically pays credit to all women.

Making waves through the Pop scene, the anthem hits spot-on lyrics that give listeners a reason to jam too. “We could go to the moon, in outer space, we could take a rocket ship, we could swim through the Milky-way.” The electronic-pop musician represents the silver lining and glows within each and every color of the complex human experience. “If I knew you a million light years, I would hold you tight. Will that be alright?”

Although women are breaking boundaries all the time, Joeyglo says, “This world would be nothing without a woman or a girl.” “Lovely Lady” represents the prominence of well-deserved women. “The song is about the first moment the protagonist meets a woman and just has to know every little detail about who she is and wants to spend every waking moment with this special human,” says Joeyglo.

While blending genres and giving a fresh sound to the Electro-Pop and Hip-Hop scenes, the track drew inspiration from “the givers of life,” says Joeyglo. “I wrote this song to be fun and flirtatious while not making women feel sexualized or unappreciated for who they really are as people,” adds Joeyglo.

In Joeyglo’s career, his influences have had a powerful impact on his creativity and have even drawn comparisons to Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, and Jeff Buckley. The style and sound of his storytelling translated into lyrics are on the rise as he furthers himself in the limelight as an artist.

Joeyglo’s musical journey began in Northern California and later relocated to Nashville. He writes, records, and produces all of his own music from his at-home studio. As a professional drummer for 21 years, playing festival circuits internationally, and most notably as the drummer for the band NAWAS, Joeyglo constantly evolves to be the best musical version of himself. Having worked on several projects with various musicians, Joeyglo is now releasing his own music.




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