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Interview: Yvng Homie

September 21, 2020 | Courtesy of VENTS Magazine

Hi Jordan, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey glad to be here! I’ve been really great, thank you for asking!

How were you drawn into the world of dancing?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had the love for dancing. I was inspired by Michael Jackson & my Father to keep going with my dancing! My father knew it could be a big part of my future, he was right. 

With many apparently coming with their own moves – did you teach yourself to dance or did you get to study?

I’m mostly self taught. I’ve always watched a lot of dance videos online, and I just trained myself to the moves I was seeing. Then I start adding to that and creating my own. 

The dance community has found its niche on Tik Tok – was that one of the reasons why you choose that platform?

I joined TikTok in June 0f 2019 before it was known for it’s famous viral dance routines. At that time, the platform hardly had any dancers that were on there, so I guess I joined right on time. I thought I had a pretty good shot to grow on there since not many others were doing what I was in the beginning. 

With the many things going on with Tik Tok – did you have second thoughts or had no hesitation?

The first time I was slightly worried, but after all TikTok has been through, I know that the platform and all their creators will be okay.

You are also on Youtube, which allows people to upload lengthy videos – does that makes the filming process less difficult, allowing you more room to be creative or rather the opposite?

Honestly yes! On YouTube, I also film dance tutorials to help teach my fanbase the basic steps on dancing. I also film Vlogs to show my fanbase my experience through new journeys in my life. All of that plus dancing lets my creative mind run wild as I plan to film them and sometimes direct them, kinda like movies.

How’s usually the creative and dance process like?

The wayI make my dances is very different from how many dancers do it. I plan the day before on where should it be filmed, what kind of transitions can be incorporated, and what direction the cameraman should be moving in. There’s a lot of elements that I take into consideration when filming a dance piece. 

Where do you normally find the inspiration?

My inspiration comes from all the goals I set for myself to accomplish. I always want to get to the next level and never stay complacent.

What would you call the most challenging aspect of putting together your video?

I would say either planning the place to film or the editing process. Editing the movements is key and an important part to each video so I spend a lot of time perfecting that.


What else is happening next in your world?

Right now I’m working on making own clothing line. I’m also filming my own Moonwalking the World series! I travel state to state, and hopefully soon country to country, and I do the famous Michael Jackson ‘moonwalk’ dance in public! Check out my TikTok for more:


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