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CountryTown AU: Jayne Denham Announces Her Own Line Of Moonshine

The moonshine is distilled in the ‘Moonshine Capital of the World’

More Jayne DenhamTo accompany her new single, five-time Golden Guitar nominee, Jayne Denham has partnered with Franklin County Distilleries, located in the mountains of Virginia, USA (known as the ‘Moonshine Capital of the World’) to release her own line of two different flavoured moonshines.

In an Instagram video, Denham shared, “We’re super excited to announce that I have my own two flavours of moonshine coming out thanks to these guys," she points at Franklin County Distilleries’ general manager Larry Lobmeyer. "Get ready. It’s going with the Moonshine album and the brand-new single. Woohoo!”

While a release date has yet to be announced, Denham assures the moonshine will be available in Australia “real soon” via her website.


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