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Watch Danielle Bradbery's Vibrant New 'Sway' Video by Tacklebox Films

Directed by Shaun Silva of Tacklebox films.

The cool vibe of Danielle Bradbery's summertime single "Sway," continues into the early fall with the release of a new dance-centric music video. The song appears on The Voice Season Four champ's upcoming LP, I Don't Believe We’ve Met.

Throughout the feel-good clip, Bradbery is joined by groups of young dancers, moving to the infectious tune – a deft blend of R&B, pop and country. The song, written by Bradbery with Johan Fansson and Grammy winner Emily Weisband, offers an inspirational "we're all this together" message that Bradbery notes may be a simple one, but is easily relatable, especially in these turbulent times.

"I think it's so fun, and the fans absolutely love it, just because they feel like you're on the same page as them," Bradbery tells Rolling Stone Country. "We were just like, 'Let's not think about it too hard, and let's write 'Sway.'"

Four years after her win on the NBC singing competition at 16 years old, Bradbery spent that time writing and refining her style and sound. Seven of the 10 tracks on the upcoming LP were co-written by the Texas native, who says, "It feels amazing to be back… I'm very thankful for that length of time, because even in a year I think everybody changes so much. Being 16, 17, you really don't know who you are quite yet."

"Sway" is the follow-up video to the confessional "Human Diary," also co-penned by Weisband (with Josh Kerr), which was released in August. I Don't Believe We’ve Met will be released December 1st on Big Machine.

Energetic young dancers and Bradbery's smooth vocals highlight this clip for song from upcoming LP, 'I Don't Believe We've Met'

By Stephen L. Betts


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