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Dead Horse Teams up with 'Duck Dynasty's' Jess and Jep Robertson

Reality star Jep Robertson of the A&E hit show "Duck Dynasty" recently launched a clothing line called "Calvary."

The line, available for pre-order on, features t-shirts, tank tops, hats, bandanas, and sunglasses for men and women.

Phil and Kay Robertson's youngest son said he was approached by Australian designers Rick Caballo and Melissa Core with the idea to create his own apparel line.

"I got hooked up with these Aussies and thought they were super cool," Robertson told The News Star.

"We had dinner and got to be friends, and Mel said, 'We need to do a line with you.'

"I told her I'd love to, but I never really thought it would happen."

Calvary was launched this month. Robertson named the brand after the hill where Jesus was crucified.

"I love the word and what it represents," he said.

The line's logo is a blue duck with an extended red and white striped wing. The duck's feet and eye are stars.

T-shirts range from $35 to $65 for men, and $35 to $55 for women.Robertson said his wife, Jessica, also contributes design ideas.

"She's really the one who got me into fashion, and she loves the line," he said. "If she likes it, I like it. Know what I mean?"

He also plans to expand the line.

"There are T-shirts, beanies and jewelry but on a higher-end line," he explained. "I like being creative and coming up with what I think people would like to wear."

In addition to the online store, Calvary items will be available in the Duck Commander store and the Duck and Dressing retail store in West Monroe, Louisiana. Duck and Dressing is a new boutique opened by Korie and Rebecca Robertson – wife and foster daughter of Jep's brother, Willie.


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