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If I had a choice to hire these students with all of these 7 modules under their belt when I was VP at MCA Nashville (a division of UMG) I would have hired them over my current executives"- (Speaking of Dead Horse Branding DH7 Education Module)

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“I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many publicity/marketing teams over my career, but when I was introduced to the Dead Horse Branding Team, I wasimmediately taken with their name. Ha! In so many ways, this type of work can be just like beating a dead horse, and YET what I found with this team was anything but that. Amazing fresh energy and innovative ideas as they attack a project, and their tenacity is unlike most to do great work and help you accomplish your goals. What a pleasure to endorse Mel Core and her team and their never say die team.”

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Mel is a star, and her guest lecture for my production students was gold. It helped them understand that their work as a producer is part of a system that promotes and supports an artist properly if it’s done with care, intention, and in sync with the rest of the artist’s team. I wish someone had shared this information with me at the beginning of my career– it would have saved a lot of heartache and missed opportunities.”

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"Not only are they caring and they care about the little things that make things great. But they are wonderful with branding and coming from someone who went from one brand to developing my personal brand. They have done and paved a way of developing my personal brand and made it special and unique. And that is why I love Dead Horse Branding!"

///GiGi Butler, Founder of Gigi's Cupcakes

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"I found the Masterclass insightful and very beneficial as an early career artist trying to collate all of my "back-end" assets. Through Mel's shared expertise and industry experience we gained a direct insight into how we can create the right tools and present them professionally to an industry standard. Being able to learn and apply this knowledge to our own assets, and to receive one-on-one feedback was invaluable. Despite the masterclass being held virtually, Mel's energy and passion for the industry translated through the screen in an informative and engaging way! Mel was great at giving guidance in the best way to enhance our assets." 

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