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YaJagOff Podcast Interview with Brad Lambert

Courtesy of YaJagOff Podcast

July 14, 2020

5:09    Brad Lambert: Cali producer, talent manager, and international speaker, Brad Lambert covers it all with hopes to spread kindness. Along his successful career path, the Avenger’s lover has worked with Robert Downey Jr., and has clients from Disney, Sony, and Universal. Listen to how he is a kindness-delivering dream maker!

31:36    Kirsti Manna: Billboard #1 hit songwriter and music expert Kirsti Manna talks about her lyric writing skills that have extended to Blake Shelton’s song, “Austin,” and how she empowers young women through Songwriter Girl. Did we mention she has her own podcast, too? Listen to all of her empowering happenings here!

57:43    Hells Oasis: Members of Hells Oasis, John and Alexis discuss Ginger’s boastful vocal belting and how the band is known to bring some moody vibes. The band intertwines progressive rock, funk and folk styles, and you can even catch them perform in Melon Park come September! Stay tuned for a release of a song per month and more here!

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