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Winston Justice, NFL, Wealth Management, Leadership through Service, “the Blueprint”

April 3, 2020 |Courtesy of dHarmic Evoliton Podcast Ep 263 by James O'Connor

dHarmic Evolution Podcast Ep. 263

Winston Justice is a former NFL offensive lineman who from 2006 - 2014 played with the Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Born and raised in Southern California, Winston’s skill, hard work, and passion for Football landed him a spot on the University of Southern California football team where he went on to win a national championship in 2003. Having graduated from the University of Southern California with an undergraduate degree in Public Policy, Winston is currently a Vice President at the Nashville headquarters of Bernstein - a wealth management company that manages over a hundred billion USD for its client’s - Winston is leaving footprints in the finance world through his dedication and life philosophy of leadership through service. At Bernstein, Winston works as an asset manager to multigenerational families, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. Winston has been the recipient of numerous decorations and awards including the Walter Payton Philadelphia Man of the Year award in 2010. Winston relocated to Nashville in 2010 with his wife and their 3 children. Show Notes I hope you’re all excited for today’s episode, as we’re being joined for the first time ever, with a former NFL star, Winston Justice. Winston has had an exciting and diverse career in the sport, corporate and entrepreneurial world.

On today’s show, our guest Winston will be shedding light on some of the knowledge, pitfalls, and emotions involved in these industries. Get to find out how Winston was nominated for and helped in solving the 2008 NFL lockout and how this event shaped his passion and future career in wealth management. With an insider look at wealth management, Winston offers us the blueprint that goes into financial management for different groups, ranging from athletes, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and other interested parties. There’s no doubt that hard work, passion, and commitment, is what football players and other athletes dedicate to their careers. But despite it all, a lot of failures and disappointments are experienced in this industry. From financial nosedives, short-lived careers, and bad advice, Winston explains to us the various challenges -mentally, emotionally, financially and physically- that athletes have to fight through every day, and why, in spite of landing lucrative deals and lifestyles, some athletes end up with almost nothing to show for at the end of their careers.

We also cover Winston’s personal experience working as an NFL player and how having a supportive wife and team staff was the cornerstone of his success in football and in life. Having learned a lot from football. Winston has applied some of this knowledge in his other endeavors, such as the coffee shop he started with his brother in law and wealth management for his clients. With so much discipline and passion for helping people and learning new things, Winston enjoys every bit of work put into the process of helping companies and individuals in managing their wealth and portfolio, something he describes as the beauty of building a legacy through finance.

Quotes Unlike a business owner that sells his company, when a player gets drafted and then gets a new contract, everyone knows it. And on top of that, you’re mostly surrounded by people very different from you, who are genuinely not the best type of people. Half the battle is surrounding yourself with the right type of people. Unlike in other professions, failures that athletes encounter financially are magnified by the media. You think about it the first time you put on your pads. It's so finite. You know that any play could be your last play, and it’s all very scary too. It's almost like asking a doctor, ‘What are you going to do if you’re not a doctor?’ - Winston on football players thinking of another career. As men, we find our identity in what we do. Throughout any career, there’s going to be some really extreme highs, and lows as well. Through playing football, you learn a lot of life attributes. Like I remember my coach telling me there are no mistakes, only opportunities to get better. And I applied it to every aspect of my life. You never know when the best time is to pursue a different career or path in life. But you don't want to look back and have any regrets, as well. You should give your all to the present moment, and even if that moment is coming to an end, you should enjoy it to the fullest - Winston’s advice to athletes. Everything starts with a conversation - Winston on new business partnerships. Be present. Don't get caught up in the panic selling. - Winston’s advice on the market’s and current COVID-19 pandemic.

Timestamps Winston’s role in finding a resolution for the 2008 lockout (03:04) Discussing the financial failures of athletes (07:23) When do football players start to think and plan for life after football? (08:58) Transitioning dreams from basketball to football (10:41) Winston’s experience changing NFL teams (12:44) How Winston is weathering the current COVID-19 Storm (16:23) Stepping into the entrepreneurial and financial world of Coffee business and Wealth management (21:24) Moving and settling into Nashville (32:09) Learning about life through football (35:39) Selected Links and Mentions Pete Caroll Elixr Coffee Walter Payton Man of the Year Award Bernstein NFL Lockout - Redefining the Scholar-Athlete - About Private Wealth Management - Life After the NFL: Planning Post-Football Careers -


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