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Why Failure is Necessary with Bill Cakmis

March 19, 2020 | Courtesy of Doing Scary Things Podcast, Episode 49

Today we talk with performance coach, show doctor, & host whisperer, Bill Cakmis. Bill has worked with some HUGE celebrities, athletes, politicians, & people from all walks of life and shares a few of their stories here. Bill tells us all about his varied career - being on stage since age 6 - and how he grew his business to be THE person who people call when they need a problem solved. We talk a lot about the importance of trying things even if you might fail and why failing at things is a necessary part of the process. Bill shares that failure does not define us and shouldn't make us afraid to live our lives. He also wisely says, "It takes as long as it takes," and shares that of all the people he's ever worked with, none of them accomplished what they initially set out to, even though they eventually did find success. (Things don't go according to plans, but sometimes they go better.) Lastly, we discuss the importance of having gratitude every day, especially for having the opportunity to try different things out, and what he calls that pesky fear voice in his head. To buy Bill's books, simply search 'Cakmis' on Amazon.   ---------------- Connect with us online!   Email us!   Instagram: @doingscarythings @thekatiesnyder @annaesthetic23  #doingscarythings   Schedule your Free Coaching Consultation with Katie!

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