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VENTS MAGAZINE PREMIERE: Lillie King Releases New Single “Red”

Today we are pleased to join forces with Lillie King for the premiere of her single “Red,” one of those songs that you want to dance to, but at the same time, you want to sit down and really listen to so you can catch all of the little intricacies in the music. Almost all of Red was recorded in a single day – starting with the base instrumental and moving all the way up through the lead vocal to background vocals. I have always connected to Red so strongly because there is one clear message —- you messed up and I’m moving on without you. Need a breakup song? Red. Need some motivation? Red. Want to dance? Red. It’s all in there, and this song will always be there for any mood you might be in.

About the song, King comments “Red is such a versatile song, because it can carry any meaning you want it to. It can be about a breakup, a friend that hurt you, a family member that wronged you, the guy walking on the street who gave you a weird look for a split second (we’ve all been there). You can apply this song to the situation of your choice and dance around to the retro horn section while you figure out who you want to get over. I wrote Red about a girl that spread terrible rumors about me in middle school, but I was never able to confront her about it. Years later, this is my way of telling her what she did wasn’t okay, and I hope she realizes who the song is about when she listens.”


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