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The Nash News Reviews Siena's "Sass"

Siena "Sass" Song Review

Singer-songwriter Siena has officially made her debut with her single, "Sass." The high-energy, lively track is set to make an impact beyond the bright lights of Nashville. The rising artist is deemed a "city girl with a country soul" as she is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. Having had experience performing on the professional rodeo circuit, Siena has also shared the stage with Rascal Flatts and Big & Rich. She enjoys making music that reflects the 2000s country influences rather than today's country-pop style that has become mainstream. Siena is one to stay true to her roots, and that authenticity comes across in her original sound. Outside of music, Siena runs her own Hot Plate welding business as well as raising champion show horses. There isn't much she can't do. "Sass" showcases Siena's personality charm. The opening guitar chords instantly take one back to the honky-tonk sounds that long-established country music is known for. This track embodies the "neon cowgirl" element that only a Las Vegas native can bring to the table. There is a traditional country buzz mixed with a hint of rock, which appeals to the masses.

In the chorus she rings out, "Living like we got no past / Tonight we gonna make it last / Mornings gonna come too fast / Tell me how you like that sass." There is a carefree nature to the lyrics while the production brings the stomp. This song is about embracing the fun parts of life that everyone aspires to do. Siena is able to sing what many people only think about.

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