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The Medium and Six Twelve Entertainment Interviews Crystal Starr For H Pop Anthem, “Head Over Heels”

Crystal Starr’s Pop Anthem, “Head Over Heels”

West Covina, CA native. Listening to R&B hits, Tina Turner, and more music with Mom — Madonna, Paula Abdul and Dad — Prince, The Temptations. First professional gig was singing background for Pop artist Jessica Simpson at age 16. Majoring in jazz music. Went from being an internet radio station host in the morning to opening for Stevie Wonder at a concert on the Never Again Peace tour in the evening. Can you describe what it felt like when you stepped on stage that night?

It was a surreal moment for me. My friend and I started off the morning interviewing the artists for the show so we could quickly grab a dress from home to wear to open the show that evening. I had the time of my life. The musicians were amazing, the stage was perfect, and the audience was magical. It was surreal.

Started a performance series with Myra Washington in an Airstream during the pandemic.

You renovated a 1967 model (that your mom had given you) to use at drive-in concerts and for a recorded music series.

Some restaurants start as food trucks; how do you see the series expanding from the Airstream in the future?

We started filming a music series inside the airstream, called “Inside the Airstream,” where various artists come and perform inside the airstream. Viewers are able to have a look inside while watching the performances of amazing and talented artists.

You mention the need, as an artist, to take extra care of yourself. In what ways do you make sure to take care of yourself when you aren’t performing?

I try to do ‘normal’ things when I’m not on stage like interior decorating, going to my weekly massages, watching Tiny Homes on YouTube and going on bike rides to the beach.

Showing people the power of faith (not only in God, but in themselves as well). Shutting out the noise, the demands, to remain your unique self. The music industry is business centric. How do you prioritize the business side while also keeping yourself focused on being creative?

As an artist, you will learn that every little business/creative department needs prioritizing and its OWN attention. I believe the pandemic has taught us all that nothing is worth stressing out about the small stuff. I know that I’m only one person (and although I know I can do the job), I need to count on people who are experts in that field to allow me to have the artistic freedom I need in order to thrive in my creativity. Only silence and peace do this for me. I try to build my team based on trust and them having more knowledge in their field than I do. I’ve learned that multitasking/business for myself can be the death of my creativity. So, I put my faith in God that He will provide me with the right people that I can trust to do their department better than I can, of course, along with my input. “Head Over Heels,” a pop anthem, was produced by Keith Harris and Renard Hughes, from your upcoming album, Pop Starr. “I wrote the song based on the love I saw my grandparents have for each other growing up. The type of love that doesn’t fade, or envy, or leave when someone gets upset at one another. The type of love that is not selfish and self-seeking.” How did your family react when they heard the song for the first time?

They all loved it. Those who have heard it.

Musicals (Baby It’s You, Boy From New York City). What is the most challenging part of performing in a musical?

The busy schedule. You work 6 days with 8 shows a week with only 1 day off. There is not much time for yourself, but it is the funnest experience ever.

Since 2011 Little Voices Nonprofit has impacted thousands of young lives in foster care and inner City youth, invested… Founder of Little Voices Nonprofit in 2011, after having seen first-hand the many hardships/disappointments foster care and inner-city youth endure. Having now impacted more than one million young lives by combining music and the passion to serve others. The next event will be Paint Night Under Stars on August 13 (To purchase tickets to the event, visit How can fans help support your organization?

You can donate to help support our programs via our website. One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to the kids through our programs. We are also collecting backpacks filled with school supplies to supply boys and girls in foster care for this upcoming school year.


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