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Six Twelve Entertainment Interviews Erin Duvall About "Too Little, Too Late"

Erin Duvall’s “Too Little Too Late” — “This song was written for anyone who has gone through a difficult relationship and needed to find their way out.”

Dallas, TX. Raised on country, blues, gospel, and rock ’n’ roll … Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Shania Twain and Reba McEntire. What made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

I literally came into the world performing. Like Lady Gaga says, I was “Born This Way.” I knew from a very young age that being on stage was my happy place and that music was my heartbeat. Every time I thought I might want to pursue a different career path, the music path would scream my name louder, and I would turn right back around and head back to where I belong.

What has been the greatest challenge you have encountered in your music career? Finding the right team that truly believes in what I am doing. There are so many wonderful people in the music industry, but sometimes you just don’t line up. Or sometimes they are not the type of person you want to work with because their approach is not in keeping with yours. Finding the right team to surround yourself with is the greatest gift you can have in the music industry, and it makes you a force to be reckoned with. Also, I was very young and naive when I started out, to say the least. My heart was in the right place, but I lacked the knowledge and experience that were needed to really make a dent. In my youth, I didn’t realize the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to promote the music is equal, if not more, than what you put into making the record. I made the mistake with my first album debut of not having a solid team behind me to really push and promote the music. I was able to get it in front of some wonderful people, but the marketing and branding pieces were not there when they absolutely needed to be.

The Three Faces of Erin: Music, Motherhood, and Entrepreneurship. Founder of the children’s animated character Aunty E, who teaches children about all types of music. Influential philanthropist with your sister Molly Duvall Thomas founded Sisters of Red, a multimedia brand. “… unmask your “faces, embrace your roles and find what inspires you.” What have you found that helps you find your inner happiness?

It’s all about balance, and that balance is a delicate dance. Self-love is so important and making sure that I am mentally and physically balanced helps me in all areas of my life. I love to workout, spend time with my children and family, write music, perform, work on my animated project, do important work with my foundation, “Twice the Love Foundation,” be with my friends, and travel. All of it accumulates into one circle that goes round and round and provides me with true inner happiness. Debut album, Out of Focus. Now releasing “Too Little, Too Late,” the fine line between love and hate. “This song is about choosing personal happiness and supporting love even when it fails you. … I wanted to feel the weight of the drums to match my pain, the strum of the guitar to echo my shame, and the openness of the bridge to allow me to finally find my wings and soar.” Can you explain the creative process behind this song? This song was written for anyone who has gone through a difficult relationship and needed to find their way out. It was a very cathartic process for me to get these words out on the page. The song is a delicate dance working through the emotions of love, aversion, and finally freedom. I had lived with this melody and chorus for a while, and when I finally paired with The Bakers Brothers, it was one of the first songs we wrote together. It just flowed out of us! I’m so excited for everyone to hear it!

Traveling with your children. You shared New York City is one of your favorites. For someone planning a first time visit with their kids, what would you suggest they put on their ‘must see’ list? I just took my four children to New York City for the first time over Christmas. It was magical. They loved exploring the city and seeing everything it had to offer. I would definitely see a musical (we saw Aladdin and they loved it), go ice skating (if you go in the winter months), go see the Rockettes (if it is over the holiday season), visit the Central Park Zoo (if you go in the warmer months), visit the Nike Store on 5th if your son loves basketball and do the virtual reality basketball game, visit the American Girl Doll store if you have a young daughter, drive through Times Square, and splurge on some fun restaurants like Cipriani, Le Bilboquet, or Elio’s!

Laughter … “…. really can make that heavy load feel lighter …” What made you laugh today? I just got home from a girl’s trip to Cabo and being with my girlfriends brings on the best laughter. It was so good for the soul!

Where do you see yourself in five years? In five years, I see myself still balancing the many faces that I wear on a daily basis. Continuing to write and perform my music, working on my animated project, paying it forward with my foundation, Twice the Love Foundation, and being a mom to four amazing kiddos. I would love to have debuted at The Opry, played on some iconic stages, and worked with many more incredible songwriters and singers. Additionally, I want to continue to watch my children flourish and nurture their individual, unique personalities. I also want my animated project to become a staple in the children’s entertainment world, and I pray that Twice the Love Foundation is nationally recognized and has helped many single parents get back on their feet while educating others about what being a single parent really looks like. There is lots of work ahead of me, but I am so excited to continue pushing myself to the limit and then moving the limit forward again.

For more information and to connect with Erin Duvall follow her on: Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.



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