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Six Twelve Entertainment Interviews Crystal Starr About "Heart Failure"

Defeating The Love Stop Cold Blue Relationship — Crystal Starr’s “Heart Failure”

Two-time award-winning recording artist Crystal Starr has captivated audiences all over the world through her well-crafted brand. Her colorful visuals, powerful voice, and pop-feel-good aesthetic are thrillingly mesmerizing. Her fun and unique style has a modern day twist to ’80s and ’90s pop music. Along with being a singer, songwriter, producer, Starr is an artist with music in her soul and purpose in her heart.

The talented and bilingual artist, born to a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father, recalls growing up surrounded by music. Whether it was Madonna, Prince, or Salsa, she had a full experience of different music genres, many of which have influenced her musical journey.

At only sixteen years of age and without a single voice lesson prior, Starr landed her first professional gig singing for pop sensation Jessica Simpson. Since then, she has been unstoppable as she’s shared the stage with major artists like Ariana Grande, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, John Legend, Paul Stanley, Drake, Lady Gaga, The Jacksons, Pitbull, NE-YO, and more. She also had a starring role in the hit Broadway Show Baby It’s You.

In 2011, after having seen first-hand the many hardships and disappointments foster kids endure, Starr realized she could combine her passion for music and serving others to help represent those who feel they are voiceless. She is the founder of Little Voices Nonprofit, which has impacted over 1 million young lives in foster care and inner-city youth.

“I pray my ever-growing story will encourage you to keep going, keep growing, keep dreaming and keep living abundantly like an overflowing cup. Extremely thankful for all the people in my life, I am who I am because of you and God.” Who in your life has inspired you most?

Both my parents inspire me, but my mom has inspired me to be the woman who I am today. Her ability to live life fancy free and without regard for what others think of her reminds me of who I am when I go out there to perform. To have fun, enjoy the moment and inspire a new generation to put God first and all things are possible.

Mariah Carey’s top songs include “Fantasy,” “Always Be My Baby,” “Vision of Love,” Emotions,” and “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Of her lesser-known tracks, which is your favorite and why?

“Vision of Love.” It reminds me so much of when I was little and my sister would put on this tape and play this song over and over again in the car. My sister is my best friend, so I chose this because it reminds me of her.

Tina Turner. How can her influence be heard in your music?

I don’t know if her influence can be heard in my music, but rather in my performance. I would definitely be honored if someone did hear that influence in it. I always looked up to her when I was little.

“I wrote “Heart Failure” with Keith Harris based on relationships falling apart because of things getting in the way like phones and social media.” If you were to write a follow up, about allowing your heart to be open to a new relationship, how would the first verse go?

No phones allowed no phones allowed no phones allowed. (Hahaha!)

“ONLY 15 BUCKS!?? When you spent all the money on the video, but you still need a killer outfit, what do you do? You make it yourself.” Looking the part. How does the outfit tell the story of the main character in the song?

I’m a firm believer that you can do anything you put your mind to. We are given the resources and the brain to figure anything out. This represents strength and someone in control of their own destiny. I had always pictured my character for this song as an in-control, strong but also feminine woman.

Forthcoming album Popstarr. What can fans look forward to hearing in your new project?

This is my favorite album I’ve recorded yet. This album was recorded during a time when I was the most musically free that I’ve ever been. My hope is that fans can experience the same freedom and fun that I had while writing and recording this album.



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