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Ross Flora Releases Debut EP ‘Shoulders of Giants by Divine Magazine

Ross Flora, a Nashville-based musician, releases his debut EP, Shoulders of Giants. As a producer, songwriter, and performer, Ross shapes a lifetime of moments through vulnerable lyrics and deep southern rock guitar riffs. “On the Shoulders of Giants, Gone but not forgotten,” Ross articulates the measures that the dark horse is defiant. Through a new era of Southern rock, Ross credits the legends who stood before him and paved the way.

As an artist, Ross embraces his heroes such as Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and Led Zeppelin, who have all stood on someone else’s shoulders. “One of the underlying themes in Shoulders of Giants that I tried to focus on is the contrast between living in modern times and generations past,” says Ross. Ross’ vision humbly reflects his inspirations from growing up and those who have come before him who have framed career moments for a lifetime. Ross adds, “I come from a long line of rural Appalachian culture where survival was hard but simple. Nowadays, our daily lives are generally far easier (survival wise) but so much more complex, and come with their fair share of different challenges.” The authenticity that Ross portrays as a performer allows him to see further in the direction that he is going.

Creating a journey to leave the listener in a different place than where they were before they heard Shoulders of Giants, Ross vocally showcases his rural roots in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. “I would like to give credit to some of the ‘old timers’ who personally shaped me, being my grandpa, Melvin Flora, Ron Layman, Bill Walker Sr. and Larnell Starkey — as well as those musicians who influenced me and paved the way, Gregg and Duane Allman, Jimmy Page and Aretha Franklin,” says Ross.

The 7-song EP was written, mixed, and engineered all by Ross himself. Emilee Allan, former lead singer for the band Scarletta, joined Ross as a duet to perform “Sky Ain’t Falling.” Each song gives off the good ole’ southern rock blended sound with a mix of country songwriting. Perfecting his musical chops, Ross wins over an audience every time he hits the stage.

Continuing to believe in what he was born to do, music has always played a significant role in Ross’ life. As a creative musician who explores musical entities, Ross channels his strong influences in R&B, bluegrass, and classic rock. As a true musician on the Shoulders of Giants, Ross’ sound honors those remarkable musicians that have come before, knowing the capability that future generations can stand on their own.

Throughout Flora’s career, he has performed as a lead guitarist and vocalist with the Johnny T band, opening for Love and Theft, and was also the lead guitarist and vocalist with Smoke n’ Guns, opening for Blackberry Smoke and Dustin Lynch. Ross Flora continues to make waves in Nashville as a solo artist, having performed over 3,500 shows all while also writing and producing his own music.

Ross has played at famous venues around Music City, including The Bluebird Cafe, and continues to play weekly at Cerveza Jacks, Luke’s 32 Bridge, and Margaritaville downtown. Ross Flora’s EP Shoulders of Giants will be available on all streaming

platforms on Friday, July 15th, 2022.

Listen Here:

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