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Pop Artist Megan Nadin Releases New Music Video For Heartless Heartbreak

(July 2021) Nashville, TN — Rising popstar Megan Nadin stands strong beside co-star Nathaniel Hardy in her newest music video for Heartless Heartbreak. The video, directed by Megan Nadin and Jeremy Ryan, switches between loving date scenes with the two and a power pose of Megan on her throne. In her empowering red ensemble, Megan places herself in the front and center of her emotional seat as she makes it clear not to mess with her unshakable boundaries. Making herself the lone queen and ruler of her feelings.

According to Megan, “Heartless Heartbreak is a song about finding a love that makes the everyday things in life feel fun, exciting and as if you're experiencing them for the first time all over again. At the same time, it’s a song about setting boundaries in your love life, knowing your worth and not settling for anything less.”

Mike McVay (McVay Media Consulting) has a similar perspective of the tune, “Megan Nadin nailed it with Heartless Heartbreak. The song is bright and feels good. Her voice is beautiful and has great range.”

The video is a full circle of what anyone should be striving for in their love life — a relationship that has desirable affection balanced with one's ability to be a strong individual who knows their worth. Check out the Heartless Heartbreak music video (linked here) to be empowered along with pop star Megan Nadin.


Media Contact | Samantha Funderlich | 724.814.4559

Learn More About Megan Nadin

Megan Nadin is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Thunder Bay, Canada with a truly identifiable voice, both captivating and inspiring. Her mission? To be an honest and authentic voice to those in need. To provide hope through altruistic platforms, which she knows can and will change lives. While Megan’s vocal prowess and ability to emote is often interpreted as a seasoned professional, many are surprised to learn this emerging artist only began her musical journey in 2017.

To learn more about Megan with the latest news and updates, visit, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify,

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