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Nashville’s Designer Wins Big at International Design Awards

Rick Caballo Celebrates The Win of Two International Design Awards and Two Graphic Design USA Awards

Nashville, Tennessee (June 2019) – Head of Creative and Co-Founder Rick Caballo at Dead Horse Branding has been recognized for his visionary designs and adds four more awards to his lot. Integrating his cutting edge approach, Rick’s amazing work can be seen throughout his graphic design and photography in legendary Music Producer Tony Brown’s book Elvis, Strait, to Jesus as well as his expert brand development with Serenade Cabinetry.

Rick shares, “Having a Personality like Tony Brown to work with is a designer’s dream! The ideas flow as there is so much you can draw from—Tony was the juice, I just squeezed it. Tony's life story is a huge part of America's culture and history, which is why I wanted to make sure his book was produced with respect, accuracy and style. His legend status is now inked on paper for future trailblazers to emulate.”

Born and raised in Australia, Rick is a designer across many mediums—Fashion, Art, Music and so much more. This accomplished renaissance man and visual artist has a rare combination of charisma and ingenuity.

Client: Serenade Cabinetry  Title: Serenade Cabinetry Website Brand Build   Art Director: Rick Caballo  Designer: Rick Caballo  Programmer: Rick Caballo  Web Developer: Rick Caballo  Photographers: Rick Caballo, Melissa Core Caballo  Illustrator: Rick Caballo  Copywriter: Serenade Cabinetry

Title: Dead Horse Branding Website   Art Director: Rick Caballo  Designer: Rick Caballo  Programmer: Rick Caballo  Web Developer: Rick Caballo  Photographers: Rick Caballo, Melissa Core Caballo  Illustrator: Rick Caballo  Copywriter: Bronwyn Cox

The International Design Awards were created to recognize legendary design visionaries and Rick was also the recipient of the Gold Award in Product Development, for Australia’s Leading Lifestyle Doctor—Dr. Karen Phillip’s Virtual Hypnotherapy. To add to the celebration, Rick was awarded another Gold Award, this time in Print Books for Elvis, Strait, to Jesus.

“Rick was always my first choice, as his style is exactly what I wanted my book to be,” says Tony Brown. “He brought integrity to the project that I'm not sure I could have trusted someone else to deliver.”

Graphic Design USA has been celebrating and awarding designers for more than fifty years. Last year, Rick was named GD USA’s person to watch and now he has brought home two American Web Design Awards: for his exemplary brand building on Serenade Cabinetry’s website featuring Gigi Butler– founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes, and for his creative masterpiece with his very own company website.

“To me, having the client be happy with the end product is the best reward, but being recognized by my peers is just as cool,” says Caballo.

For more information about Rick Caballo, visit See more of Rick’s visionary work, at Learn more about International Design Awards at More about Graphic Design USA, at

### Media Contact: Hannah Rowland | Dead Horse Branding | 941-545-2402


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