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Master of the Arts Aims to Eclipse Award-Winning Workin New Project with Baha Men

Part rock n’ roll, part renaissance man, Rick Caballo is an award-winning force of creative dexterity transcending the fields of graphic design, fashion, and photography, among others. Having also toured as a musician across the United States, Europe, and his native Australia, Caballo presently makes home in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee, where he is the owner and art director of Dead Horse Branding. One of numerous award-winning endeavors alongside powerhouse partner, Melissa Core-Caballo.

Entering 2020, Rick Caballo is heading new design efforts for one of the Bahama's largest exports, Baha Men. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their ubiquitous 2000 smash single “Who Let The Dogs Out?” Caballo says he is excited to be working with a management team that allows him to so freely express a shared vision. A vision Rick hopes will put the rest of the world on notice once again, about the eclectic assembly of nine musicians; one of which includes the World Limbo Champion. A tidbit learned while scuba diving through swaths of information on his newest muse.

This summer shapes up to be one of rejuvenation for the Baha Men with new music, website, and logo due to release. Looking to derive influence from Bahamian culture in devising the album art for the group’s soon to be released summer single “TAKE A CHANCE,” Rick is overhauling en masse visuals across all platforms, aiming to incorporate a sophisticated yet, edgy and laid back style that captures the flair of the islands. Using his award-winning touch for image-defining design, Rick and his team are developing a brand identity to become a tool that facilitates brand licensing collaborations. The goal of rebranding the Baha Men is not only to propel a resurgence atop the music charts but also to encourage a surge in tourism to the chain of islands, in which the Baha Men are proud ambassadors.

As the architect, engineer and craftsman, Rick won ‘gold’ in 2017 at the 11th Annual International Design Awards for his work with renowned country music producer Tony Brown and his coffee table book, Elvis Strait to Jesus. Pairing captivating visuals with short stories and first-hand accounts from some of the music industry’s most distinguished, Rick chronicles Tony’s rise from playing keys with The King, Elvis Presley to producing for music royalty like Lionel Richie and of course, George Strait. This creative compendium of music industry memoirs would go on to win a total of four national awards, including three New York City Big Book Awards.  

A year later, Graphic Design USA Magazine came to name Rick Caballo one of 2018’s People to Watch, earning the magazine’s award for Best Brand Identity Logo in creation of the emblem for Steven Tyler’s solo project, The Loving Mary Band. Steven Tyler can also be seen donning apparel from Caballo’s rock-inspired fashion line, Corello, along with celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Miranda Lambert, Hayden Panetierre and others.

Racking up accolades with a unique acumen of aesthetics and creative acuity, the leading man of Dead Horse Branding is trusted by some of the industry’s most respected artists, working amongst established and timeless brands, while helping to cultivate developing ones. Only time will tell where Rick Caballo’s imagination lands him next but after finalizing an extension on his work visa, Rick looks to continue laying roots and planting seeds here in the United States for the foreseeable future. In between trips to the Bahamas, of course.


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